26 Responses to Natalie Louise Allen Super Thick Selfies

  1. booty lover22

    google layla blaize or layla_bbw and she should come up. she has a shaved head now

  2. M

    Shes does escort work in NY, at least used to back in 2014.
    Can’t remember what she called herself, she was registered on some popular escort site. You could buy videos from her. Anyone remember?

    • botd

      This post is old, so people might not see your question. Personally I don’t know.

      As far as the escort thing, a lot of girls use other girls’ pics to bait and switch. Don’t know if it was true in this case though.

  3. Ryan

    She pooed in my friends mouth.

    • huh

      wait what? why?? is she some sort of escort or something

  4. Jay

    Women like this need to invest in a better camera phone. Not the garbage that is the iPhone.

  5. Tha Man

    You gotta love the thickness ….. That ass damn!

    We need more of this BOTD

    • botd

      I agree but I try to post a variety.

  6. E

    fake or not doesnt even concern me anymore. If a body is banging…i want it

  7. mee(a)t

    Lol that is just ridiculous

  8. Douche Baggins

    That thing is just fricking insane. If it’s real, it needs to go in the booty hall of fame. Looking at that pic in the gray pants vs some of her instagram shit, it seems like she’s padded up or something.

    • bigswole

      you can tell that thang real from the pic on the bottom left, and bottom right too.

  9. blackfrost

    that is a great fat ass

  10. iceman8069

    Mmm damn, I’d have sum serious fun with all that!

  11. poohbia

    Here she is: https://twitter.com/natilly/media

    She doesnt post many pictures like these tho 🙁


  12. bigswole

    goin in kamikaze on that rotund clydesdale and not coming up for air! she got that 73 oldsmobile station wagon bottom.

    • Fam

      ^Best comment, lol! I cosign every comment on here tho

  13. Al Bundy

    I believe her name is: Natalie Louise Allen

  14. realreal

    good lord who is her

  15. Kushkiller

    Who is that? I want her on my face.

  16. LeRiddler


  17. Top Cat

    Is the same girl in all the pictures? And what’s her name?

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