14 Responses to Big Butt Tight Squeeze

  1. big strocker

    great to jerk off!!!!!

  2. Bootox

    Man, i really enjoy looking a woman doing this “little dance” to push up a tight jeans or when they push down a tight short dress (trying to hide what is good). Some girls do not even realize how this is sexy. They do this on a habitual move to just adjust the pants. In these moments the imagination runs wildly…

  3. poohbia

    Damn, I approve

  4. WideHipsFan

    off-topic question but, does anyone know who this is and where this scene is from? (the scripted, not the candid)


  5. iheartbutts

    suggestion. you should throw in a instagram/twitter section.

    • botd

      Thanks dude. Still gotta make some adjustments.

      Yeah there’s an Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr section on the top menu where it says Big Ass List, although I haven’t updated it in a while. Need to do a lot more with it too when I get a chance.

  6. iheartbutts

    i love the site update!

    also love this ass…

  7. Jiggledat

    can anyone tell me the name of this voluptuous lass?

    • botd

      Posted her Instagram under the vid.


      • Jiggledat

        cheers mate.

  8. iceman8069

    Damn that is sweet!

    • Yeah

      I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie wooooorld

      • iceman8069


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