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  1. Terrance

    You can say Fake as fiznuck but I’m covered in slim and so are many others.

    Get your head out of the clouds and enjoy some big bubbly. If this chick is slamming that wobbly on your cock while your laying back enjoying the view….. ….. please. give me a break

  2. Ilovemesomebooty

    Bro’s, you gotta watch this music video. The music is cancerous but the footage…. My goodness!! Tap all those asses!


  3. Bootylover5000
  4. Mr. 30 mins

    Hate on her ass all you want it’s not gonna stop me from loving every shake in it

    • Pete

      Same here

  5. Pete

    hahaha this discussion….

  6. NAME?

    @botd ass amnezia getting nude teaser

  7. jakonomus

    the best pawg assclapper http://www.shesfreaky.com/video/redbone-no-names-just-watch-66934.html
    how she doesn’t have a post here?

    • jakonomus

      and she’s oxlemon

    • ilovemesomebooty

      @jakonomus Bro, now you need to give us a name. You can’t share that amazing booty and know her name. Eitherway, amazing booty.

    • Rekka_Kien

      fuck! she’s bad as hell! wish she had a name, cause omg…

    • jakonomus
      • Rekka_Kien

        you’re the man

    • bootox

      This is nice, Jakonomus. Thanks for sharing!

  8. poohbia

    I’d smash, optical illusion or not

  9. Goldy

    Fella’s go to You Tube and put her name in and look at the videos titled “Hot Workout Ryan Smiles Assparade 2 or 3”. The videos are uploaded by Twerk it, Shake it.

    Then, go to the Ryan Smiles “big booty shake video” , uploaded by the same person. In the videos her ass look nasty and flat.

    When you look at the “big booty shake video”, which I guess is today’s BOTD upload it is pretty disturbing. I new I smelled a rat, the only other pornstar I have seen whose ass would routinely do optical illusions was Savannah Fox. No love for Ryan Smiles, this bird looks straight ratchet. The only girls I would hit with fake asses are probably Mia Malkova, Nikki Minaj and Iggy Azalea; maybe Annika Albrite.

    • C.A.

      I see the difference you’re talking about. But I’ve seen a lot worse. Like, A LOT worse. And so have you!

    • Zorken

      Dude, she is natural.. a fake ass would never giggle like that.. Savannah Fox (see her gifs here at botd) and Anikka are also natural, man… it’s all about the giggle. Fake asses looks like hard plastic basketballs moving as one piece when the chick is trying to bounce them (e.g. Nikki Delano). Watch Ryan, Savannah and other girls with natural big asses when they walk.. their asses giggles like they are having a seizure, each part of their ass surface giggles independently of the other.. that’s a sign their natural.

      • Naughtynuff4u


        • Goldy

          Nope, you are absolutely wrong. Have you seen the Nicki Minaj booty wave video that time when she was jiggling her ass in the swimming pool, making it tsunami. Oh, by the way, you heard of K. Michelle; If you have, then you know fake booty just does not come in butt pads, but in fat transfer. For anyone that does not know what I am talking about, go to you tube and search butt or booty fat transfer. Strippers in Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Orlando are notorious for that shit.

          Before Savannah Fox began to do interracial she had a round bubble butt. By the time, she got to Mandingo she had noassatall.

          Anikka well you might be right, I have yet to notice a drop off.

          e.g. When the greatest of all time Naomi Russell got addicted to the coco and lost about 25 to 30 pounds she still had buffalo ass. She just looked emaciated.

          • Zorken

            Well, I don’t know man… I guess we will only know the “are these big asses fake or natural” truth in the afterlife..

        • Zorken

          Thanks for the correctionl.. non-native english speaker here… well, it could be said that the asses are laughing, given how much fun I have watching them lol

          • Goldy

            No Doubt, you guys check out Sabella Monize on you tube. That thing is the real deal.

    • bootox

      Well, despite the “fake or truth” part, I think you’re a little crazy. You say you would fuck Nikki Minaj alien ass, but wouldn’t do the same with Ryan??? I just can’t understand you…

      Maybe she got the fat transfer (and the others you mentioned as well). I won’t deny this possibility.
      This just makes me think that Ryan, Savannah and Annika (for instance) are doing this in the right way. And by that, I mean that even with a difference in the size, the ass did not lose or acquired a strange shape.
      Seriously, it’s not hard to find girls in the porn industry with bad implants/surgery. I’m not a fan of fake asses or tits by any means, but I would take any of these girls over those with a bad surgery.

      • Goldy

        Yeah Nicki Minaj is a bad blasian chick, while Ryan Smiles would not be a topic of discussion if it were not for her enhancing her ass region. Ryan looks like Hekyl and Jekyl. In my past, I might hit a few BBW’s on the late night tip, but they were attractive. This chick, from a scale of 1 to 10, in the face is a 3. She has nice eyes, but that is it.

        • bootox

          You’re equating the overall beauty of Ryan vs Nikki, not just the ass. The pornstar vs the super pop star. It’s not hard to tell who has more money to invest in the beauty aspect.

          I won’t say you’re wrong because it’s all a matter of taste and opinion. I won’t say that Ryan is the most beautiful pornstar we have on the scene (because that would be a lie). However, in terms of natural aspect and shape of the ass, Nikki stays far behind when compared to Ryan and that’s what I was evaluating.

          Nikki I would drill for status.
          Ryan I would drill to enjoy that ass.

          • Goldy

            Nicki Minaj was pretty fine, prior to joining Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew. Ryan is okay, I do not want to just deride this chick to the lowest of levels. All I am saying is that these pros are going crazy with these fat transfers. I am starting become a breast man. I hate looking at hip hop videos, etc; and there goes a chick with freshly inflated ass. These women have no shame. One week they have a pancake ass, the next they are thicker than a snickers. Nowadays, everybody got an ass.

            I like women like: Ashley Graham, Deelishis, Iskra Lawrence, Mal Malloy, Olivia Jensen, Sabella Monize, or Serena Williams.

  10. MikeManiac61

    Has she gotten thicker? Holy shit!

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