28 Responses to Ava Rose’s Phat Ass in Fishnet

  1. kaneta

    Anyone have link?

  2. Jay

    A glorious ass, so fat…..

  3. Random

    For the love of god the source

  4. DKing

    Mmm it makes me so horny

  5. mohamadreza

    give me link please

  6. carol

    Ava vs Kelly divine was her hottes video. Avas size blew Kelly away!!!!! And I love Kelly big ass too!!

    • mohamadreza

      ava rose better than him.i love ava rose big ass

  7. mohamadreza

    ava rose is the best.she is a angel

  8. Cris

    Video link??? please

  9. C.A.

    Damn, look what I started. I didn’t expect so many of you to agree. I only said it because I’ve never heard anyone say it before.

    Her body’s damn bad though, so I wouldn’t bitch if BOTD continued to post more of her.

  10. BSD

    Friends –

    Lord I wanted to LIVE in Ava Rose’s ass. Especially after that donkey grew big. She just didn’t have the career with it that many of us wanted. I agree with others that despite how stunning she could look, Ava wasn’t always that great a performer. And there were times when she was obviously just cashing a check. Looked like she didn’t even want to be there. The problem was that she could look so good doing it. I liked her when her body was fullest, that rump was meaty, and she had the deep black hair. With her dimples she kinda had a little Elizabeth Taylor vibe to her. When Ava and Mia Rose first came to porn from Alaska they were both pretty slim. But Ava did like Brianna Love. Brianna was slim, but after she had a baby she came back nicely filled out with a bigger, shapelier ass. Ava’s was even bigger when she came back after her baby. That body was thick. That ass was munsta. I was sprung over her. But yeah she did lunch through some scenes.


    • Pete

      AGREED !! There were some of her scenes I was ready with the towel and lotion but as it continued, I shrugged and thought, “well damn, if she don’t care, neither do I”….hahaha

      Great ass but seriously boring to watch

  11. Aalim

    What yall think of her sister Mia Rose?

    • Pete

      Mia Rose shows a little bit more in her performances than Ava BUT her ass isn’t all that

  12. mee(a)t

    You know I’ve always seen Ava Rose and I never understood the hype. I never saw her ass as the best thing ever…but I guess she looks nice in fishnet tights

  13. Chaos

    Anyone know where I can find the porno or at least the name of it?

  14. Jason

    Does anybody have the link to the FULL VIDEO?!

  15. Swaggy D

    ^Truth be told, she has the best ass I’ve ever seen, but I always felt like she was a far below average performer, she shows no emotion or personality which to me made her just a n average-good pornstar…but that ass <3

    • yoyo

      same with caroline pierce

      • Caesar

        Really? Always thought Caroline was a bit of a freak, not the best performer, but she at least gave ya somethin

      • Pete

        I give her a B+

  16. C.A.

    I always thought she was an average performer (in the videos I saw of her anyway).

  17. Tha Man

    A va Rose’s ass is perfect, nice thick round and plump. Is there any new updates of her…

    • Random guy walking by

      she retired from porn

      • Random guy JO

        Noooo!!!omg ava rose whyyyyyy

        • Random guy watching random guys

          She got pregnant. Mama Rose now.

  18. chucky kilmeister

    So very fine. 😉

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