29 Responses to Girls with Glasses – Part 2

  1. James Bond

    Who’s the third girl?

  2. Urs

    They had on glasses?

  3. Nopassass

    More like asses with glasses

  4. mike

    anyone on number 4? she’s hot

    • asdasd

      Who is she?

  5. jfk

    who’s the number 11???

  6. Chukou

    Who is #9?

    • Chukou

      Is she Vivian Chau?

  7. blackfrost

    all of these girls are so sexy. give me a girl with braces and glasses and we are set lol

    • botd

      What about the computer geek chick, the one that’s in the middle of building a computer. Second to last image. That’s my dream right there.

    • botd

      Actually that looks like a prebuilt computer like a Dell or something. Nevermind, she’s a phony.

      • Icon

        Its actually a Cisco rack-mount server. 😉 Way more nerdy than building a computer.

        • botd

          In that case, even better.

  8. the squidhunter

    Good to see I am not alone on this!

  9. Electriwizard

    I had seen #7 before. Now, how can all the connoseuiers of fine women have missed this piece of art? Name? Anyone?

    • treadgjk

      sunny leone..

  10. One eyed monster

    All I want for xmas is 2 sexy bitches in glasses…..

  11. np3228

    I think number 5 is kagney lin karter.

  12. drisvisic

    #5 and #11 for a realistic fantasy :3

  13. Milo

    Nice, any names of 2 and 4? Those are hawt.

    • Milo

      Anyways, other names that I know of are:

      #3 = Christine Mendoza
      #8 = Sash (Suicide Girls)
      #10 = Tiffany Sandlmodels

  14. Bee

    Awesome post! Great way to end the week. Anybody got a name for #6 ?

    • botd

      If you’re talking about the one that’s bending over in the office, that’s my favorite of all time, Ava Rose.

      • BSD

        Friends –

        Ava Rose was another one that I wanted to give my paycheck to.


        • botd

          Thick girls like that don’t know the power they have over us. And you know what…it’s a good thing they don’t know.

  15. BSD

    Friends –

    I WILL have Jaye Rose (#1), and Klaudia Kelly (#13), or I will be arrested in the attempt. Lawd I wanna smash those two.


    • reservoir dog

      those are my 2 favorites in this post as well

      • reservoir dog

        oh i didn’t see tiffany (10) in there as well – she’s bangin’ too

  16. Boooty freak

    Mmm, yeah, I love milk!

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