French Maid


Some BOTD trivia if anybody cares, and also I have a favor to ask…

As some of you may have noticed, I never leave watermarks on any of my gifs. Reasons are… 1) personally I think it’s kinda tacky and distracts from the image, 2) It’s not right putting my name on somebody else’s content, even if I put work into it to make it a gif, 3) It’s just another thing to worry about… etc.

Point is, the gifs get passed around all over Tumblr, Reddit, and other places and nobody knows where they came from. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just asking that you guys take one microsecond out of your day, and just leave a little comment or reply if you see one of these gifs anywhere.

Be like, “Hey wait a minute, that’s a Booty of the Day gif!” or “via” or some bullshit like that. You guys know I always try to give credit where credit is due by linking to sources.

Or if you’re one of the reposters, go right ahead, I don’t care. But at least mention BOTD even 1 time out of every 5 times you post one of these gifs somewhere.

Anyway if you like this site and you want to see it survive, I’m sure you’ll do the right thing.

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  1. Sexcretaryofstate

    I didn’t know you weren’t getting credit for your work. I’ll make sure to start double tagged your shit. Keep up the good work.

  2. Romz

    I Got U Homes

  3. Assgifsgirls

    BOTD is the blog that made me discover Tumblr. I agree with you.
    I think that you don’t have 2 worry ’cause there are too many people followwing you and knowing your gifs.
    Tace care, and don’t stop making yoga pants booty pictures!!!! lol

    • botd

      Thanks man, respect.

  4. Darkaholic

    BOTD is the shit. I just shared with your link on it bro, keep em comin

  5. Derek da Long

    I have a few extra chores in mind for this blonde cutie.

  6. MOOSE

    It looks like she is ready to do more than cleaning

  7. Camilo Elizalde Leon

    Estimado Amigo:
    Entiendo perfectamente lo que mencionas, yo tomo los “Gifs” por donde aparecen, no solo de mujeres atrevidas y hermosas, sino de varios temas, lo hago con el fin de decorar mis blogs que son especialmente de “caricatura politica” y pues es un plus que le dan un toque atractivo a lo que causa risa, los blogs que no son mios porque tanto fotos, caricaturas, videos, comentarios y “gifs” no son hechos por mi, tampoco lucro con los blogs a pesar de multiples invitaciones, en las caricaturas vienen las firmas de los autores, en cuanto al comentario o editorial que pego, siempre pongo la fuente de donde fue tomada, yo te sugiero que les pongas la marca de agua para quienes visitan mis blogs sepan quien esta detras de ellos y sobre todo tu trabajo, imaginate en dos blogs que diseñe subo cerca de 150 a 170 caricaturas dos veces por semana y poner debajo del gif tu sitio, me resulta muy complicado hacerlo, sin embargo intentare hacerlo o poner en a un costado tu sitio, si me manda un codigo para pegarlo, seria muy bueno para asi darte el reconocimiento que mereces y sobre todo que visiten tu pagina quienes esten interesados, he recibido muy buenos comentarios de las fotos y de los “gifs”.
    Estoy a tus ordenes y ojala me mandes un codigo con un gif para pegarlo en mis blogs, por lo pronto cuenta que mencionare en un costado de mi blog tu sitio web, te felicito ampliamente por tu trabajo y mencionarte que se ven mucho mejor los gifs sin marca, recibe un cordial saludo y espero una respuesta si lo consideras conveniente.
    Camilo Elizalde Leon.

  8. Jack North

    I got you! Then If I may suggest following the example of
    “The preview then pay model”. That should take you to the next level. Memberships should be dirt cheap so we all have a chance to continue to enjoy your work. Obviously you can exchange traffic with tpg sites to make it available to masses. You have the content all you need is a new commerce site! I bet you have thought about this so I encourage you to do it. “The worst that can happen is nothing at all”
    I prefer to remain ANONYMOUS but I’ll do my part to prevent does fuckin LEECHERS.

  9. Jack North

    No worries bro, It seems to me that only little guys are reposting your stuff. I mean mega blogs always give you the credit.
    As far as I can tell people recognize your work, your gifs are one of a kind.
    I understand the effort it takes in the making of a gif. 1st. browsing hundreds of videos for the right scene.
    2.Once you choose a scene **********. 3.Using PS for finalization of gif.

    So because the little guy does know the effort you put into your work, they take credit for it, and look like fools doing it. I wouldn’t worry to much about these little pussies. I have a blog but I don’t give a shit what others think about my work. I do it for fun, not for followers or how many likes I get. 1 like – 100000 likes same difference.
    But if it bothers you that much –
    Watermark again bro we wont care! A FAN since 2010.

    • botd

      Damn, 2010. That’s some old school shit right there. Much respect.

      True, I kinda made it seem like I was trying to get props, but it’s not about that or likes or followers. BOTD was set up as a business venture from the start, not as a personal blog, so it’s more about marketing to try to get new people to the site. The porn blog business is not what I expected tho, but it’s too late to turn back now, and a lot of people would get upset.

      You know your shit. If you don’t mind, I censored out part 2. Shhh let’s keep that technique between me and you haha. Don’t want too many people to know about it, ya know.

      Oh the thing that bothered me was that, once in a blue, somebody on Tumblr or Reddit reposts like 5 gifs in a row within one hour, and what’s even worse is when you make and post something and it gets no love, but somebody else reposts it and it goes viral. That kinda hurts.

    • botd

      Oh go ahead and post your link if you want bro.

  10. Jefferson

    I dont post any material but i’ll be sure to mention this place if it comes up in conversation.

    Long live the king!

  11. Makkiel

    i think that you have reason and thanks by your time.

    • botd

      I don’t fully understand what you said, but it kinda sounds like a compliment, so thanks man.

  12. botd

    Here, I’ll try to show you guys how to be a nice person…

    Last week I was browsing Reddit, and I happened to notice a gif set that was made by one of my boys on Tumblr named assgifsgirls. So I looked at the link that was posted on Reddit and it pointed to some other dude’s Tumblr that reblogged my boy. Here…

    So naturally I was like, hey wait a minute, that’s not fair… so I put his original link in the comments to try give him proper credit. If you click the reddit link above, you’ll see. I’m the guy named fangtheunwashed (I know, I know, stupid name…but shut up, that’s not important).

    Anyway I’ll be quiet now and go sober up. I hope you all become better people after reading all this. (Yeah right).

  13. blackfrost

    sometimes i do repost this on my tumblr website but i do mention at the bottom of the pic “BOTD”. i will just have your site linked as i have over 500 followers on my tumblr account and they can see a lot more. hope that helps man

    • botd

      Thanks. Give me the name of your Tumblr and I’ll shout you out.

      Don’t get nervous tho. Even if I see my name mentioned once….just once….out of 20 of my gifs, I’ll post your Tumblr link on my next post over there and get you a whole bunch of new followers.

      I’ll even give you some time to edit one of your posts and put my name in there somewhere. Haha.

      • booty addictxxx

        Done & done homie will def do that! 🙂

        • botd

          Thanks bro, I appreciate it. Whoever helps me out, I’ll try to keep their name under my radar for the future. Don’t know if I’ll be able to reply to each comment tho, but I got you.

          • blackfrost


            thanks man for the help on this. i love having a fan club lol

          • botd

            Okay I hearya, kind of. But I removed my last comment and your response to it just in case I said something I wasn’t supposed to. I mean I wasn’t sure, but just in case ya know.

    • botd

      Actually just post your Tumblr link here on a comment so that people from here could see it. But only you tho. Usually I don’t like self promotions, but you’re a nice guy.

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