19 Responses to BumBum Booties

  1. 843bigred

    women just dont look like that down here in south carolina

  2. bigbooty Hunter

    First saw these ladies on panicats YouTube

  3. Big Booty Fan

    ALL this booty!!!!!!!!!! wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    wish i was the photographer

  4. Bootox

    Most of these girls (almost 100%) that participate on these kind of contests have fake asses. Those on the pics were here in São Paulo (yes, I am brazilian) doing a protest by kissing each other and showing posters. Such a naughty way to do it, I say…
    And while we have many girls with fake asses we have a lot of girls that are beautiful AND have nice natural asses too (I rather these).

  5. blackfrost

    i really need to visit out there one day

  6. Sticky1

    Who is the one to the left of the four. In the 2nd picture. She has a nice phat ass.

  7. Pervman

    I like to bend them over some more.

  8. Doesntmatter

    São Paulo dudes, just for curiosity

  9. olivett

    What’s the name of the one with the dark hair?

  10. I like booties.

    Hands down, Brazilian girls have the best booty on planet Earth.

  11. fuckass

    The blonde is Juliana Salimeni, don’t know the name of the others though

  12. 843bigred

    just to think thats just a few of the contestants, how the hell can they pick the best when all of those asses are perfect?!?

  13. cutter

    The brunette has a jinx maze kinda look, but way thicker thighs..don’t know how to spell her name…

  14. Nick

    dude those are some amazing butts. They are so fit but yet so large. Where is this at?

    • hornytom

      Brasil a.k.a assland bro!

    • poohbia

      Thats because most of them are fake

  15. MilwT


  16. Electriwizard

    Yes sir. That’s what im talking about.

  17. mee(a)t

    This is nice

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