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  1. xtremuke

    You all crazy guys, I love everything about her and I love her face <3
    I just hope she will consider doing nastier stuffs…

  2. Mat

    Love it.. Really natural beauty. Just like my wife butt.

  3. Southwestern

    I never found a Kelly scene I liked. Her fake moaning was always annoying, the rented mansion settings that feature decor more than the whores are always ridiculous, and her face was usually made worse by the overly-done makeup. With that said her ass was exceptional. I even dug the semi-cankles.

  4. bootox

    Despite her meh face, I think Kelly has a great ass and knows how to do the job. Even now, with all that weight she still can ride a dick in great form!

    We have tons of girls like this in the porn (and in real life). Girls with meh faces but that can do a great BJ or an outstanding fuck (Sarah Jay, by example) and have a great performance at the scenes while the pretty ones many times are just boring.

    Nobody can deny that this girl was a big (ass) contribution to porn industry. Also, if she works that weight she can try to come back as a great MILF, or follow to the BBW category already.

    I don’t like her shape now, but I’d still fuck that ass for all the moments of happiness it brought to me in the past.
    (I’ll miss the old shape and also how she was just after the pregnancy -Ass and Tits for Days scene-)

  5. poohbia

    I was never in to Kelly much either, but always appreciated that ass. She was apart of the few that ushered in the PAWG game we see today

    • poohbia

      * Referring to porn

  6. blackfrost31

    i do miss the days of her and Jada Stevens together but she is still cool with a nice ass. Fap worthy in my book but might pass if she asked to settle down with me.

  7. NYButtman

    I think she made all these videos maybe like 6 months or so after her pregnancy. You can find the site at https://www.connectpal.com/kellydivine I don’t believe she looks like this now. Her latest pro video with her thicker self is from Bang Bros titled “Ass and Tits For Days” http://new.bangbros.com/videos/ass-and-tits-for-days_3403373.htm

  8. Horrorshow

    Personally, Kelly Divine has been my favorite pornstar from day one, I admit her face is eh…but that ass makes completely up for it. It’s a shame that she’s drifting into obscurity now cause I genuinely have like a crush on her. I know that’s weird to say, but yeah..

    She honestly looks even better thicker than she did skinnier…I don’t like the fact she’s a blonde now though, I prefer the brunette look.

  9. Big D

    You guys are crazy I would give her all my money the added thickness makes her even better

  10. MikeManiac61

    I am not worthy…

  11. Maxwell

    I remember her scene with banger is back in 2007, she had the face of a horse, but her ass was amazing, she had a sexiness about her, she was walking around the pool her ass looked amazing, now almost 10 years later, it’s a wrap, 10 years in porn years is like 50 years. She’s 31 going on 32 years old, to be honest we want bitches in their early 20’s, once you hit 30’s you move to the milf genre.

  12. Goldy

    Honestly, I never felt Kelly. She always looked ratchet/stank. I hearken back to 2007/2008’ish this girl had very little booty. In the past, people would say she just gained weight, but what happen to the days of the real pawgs like Naomi, Brianna Love, Ryan Conner, Jenny Hendrix and the Rose sister’s (Ava n Mia). Theoretically, If Kelly starred in BBW movies she could not compete with Vanessa Blake, Mazzaratie Monica, Klaudia Kelly, Tiffany Starr, Victoria Secret, Felicia Clover, or Karla Lane. So sorry, a butterface like Smelly Kelly can not get any love from me.

    Kelly’s body just looks unpalletable.

    • Zorken

      I will have to respectfully disagree with pretty much everything that you said, my good sir.. Even though this is, in last instance, a matter of personal tastes and opinions..

      While in my humble opinion it feels like her career is about to end, I most certainly won’t deny the contributions that Kelly’s ass made to the big booty industry, as well as to my formation as a man of character that enjoys big phat butts. I can’t recall just how many times I have stroked my chicken to Ms. Divine’s big fat white ass giggling. Out of all her works, I particularly consider that the splendid display of her fat asscheeks in “Kelly Divine is Buttwoman” has set the standards to which I judge all other aspiring PAWGS in the business.

      I thank you for expressing your opinion, and for reading my comment as well.

      (Sorry, but it’s just way too cool to discuss porn like those serious doctors from those documentaries from History Channel or some shit lol)

      • Pete

        Agreed completely with Zorken

      • Goldy

        And I thought she did not have any real fans? To each his own, but I am a brother from the south, and there are plenty of thoroughbred white girls where I am from. In the south, women like Mal Malloy, Olivia Jensen, Alexis Texas, Ava Rose, and Ryan Conner are the norm. There are Girls like Annika Albrite or Mia Malkova, but with real asses growing on trees, down below the Mason-Dixon.

        I will give Kelly Divine a 4/10 for her pie face, I will give her a 5/10 for her sex game, and for her new BBW body I would give her a 6/10. When I think of banging a BBW, I am thinking Olivia Jensen or a girl like Sabella Monize.

        This girl was in the porn business for close to a decade, and her crib look like that. Her spot looked pretty junky from the few new videos she has dropped.

        • kinglued

          Goldy went in haha. The only thing I found interesting about Kelly is that her ass is phat and that she’s jewish. I just spent time last night trying to find a decent video of her worth watching and beating off too, I was unsuccessful. Her sex game is whack but I would still smash

      • C.A.

        Comments like this just… remind me why there’s more to see on this blog than just tits & ass. Can we get a porn review blog?

        • C.A.

          I’m talking about Zorken’s comment, not Goldy’s, by the way.

          But regarding Goldy’s comment I have to say: I’m not so turned off by Kelly’s face that I’m unable to enjoy the rest of what she has to offer. To say that her sex game is a 5 out of 10 is so ridiculous that your opinion should be considered a LIE. The girl puts in work, and totally knows how to move her voluptuous body.

          • Zorken

            lol many thanks, C.A., agreed 100%.. Besides knowing how to move her voluptuous body and shake her ass, she also sucks dick like there’s no tomorrow… she definetly puts a great effort in her scenes and saying that her sex game is whack is way too far fetched, IMO..

        • botd

          You can do porn reviews anywhere you want in the comments.

  13. titus

    DO we have a link somewhere???

  14. RasTrent

    Mane…. she is Hoed Out Mowed Out. But the name of the game isn’t “Classy Broad of the Day” – it’s all about that ass.

    That being said – I’d still smash! I’ll need STD-free certification first, but if she clean she definitely can still get it, extra thickness or no. BJ skills and ass are always on point

    • Spungn

      Dood I just farted laughing at ur comment so hard!!! Nice!! But, ya….I feel the exact same way!!

    • Zorken

      LOOL yeah.. I mean, we can see that her career is about to end in a very near future. Years of frequently getting fucked in every way possible (not to mention her pregnancy) would eventually take their toll.. I only wish she did some farewell work with her plumper self before she hits The Wall permanently…. sadly, once models start doing this “clips4sale” type of stuff, it means we are seeing the last of them.. (since I don’t see the big time studios that she formerly worked with wanting to shoot any new videos with her).

  15. KingJ

    She still look good even with the weight on her, I’d still smash!

  16. iheawrtbutts

    damn she packed on the phatness…. still sexy. geeezuz.

  17. iceman8069

    I’d still bang her!

  18. naughtynuff4u

    are these from clips4sale.com?

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