30 Responses to Spicy J and Diamond Kitty Booty Shaking

  1. Gbyiogy

    I don’t want her to do a hard core scene. I hope that she never does one. That’s is one of the reasons why I love her. It’s like she’s fresh and untouched.

  2. IceCold


  3. Goldy

    I would love to see Molly Cavalli and Spicy J go to work on each other, it is a shame that two of the thickest to ever do it hate men.

    • C.A.

      Molly and Spicy — bruh 🙂

      I would totally take this over a hetero scene.

  4. Bootyman96

    Love these two. Freakin great.

  5. Case

    Straight up I’m trying to bag my neighbor. She looks like Spicy J’s younger sister with a much bigger ass and no tattoos. Better yet, like porn star Amerika but way thicker.

  6. Hornyxpeople

    Spicy is bad and all but what’s up with her and her scene I agree with everything that everyone is said but is she gay or straight

    • botd

      Victoria Webb


  7. realreal

    She doesn’t even do blowjobs

  8. Pete

    what my man BSD said…..

  9. Sammy

    Diamond Kitty has the most ruined asshole in porn. She can take two fists inside that plastic pouch of an asshole.

  10. robb

    If she doesnt plan on getting fucked by dudes. She should atleast get fucked by a lesbian with a strap on but the chick act the way a man would fuck a chick. A gang bang wouldnt hurt. Gets like 10 all around her face lol

  11. iceman8069

    I do love Spicy J…she’s fine as fuck and has an incredible fat ass that I would love to see get smashed or smash it myself relentlessly…buttttt I definitely agree with the post above me by BSD…she is way too much of a cocktease…I stopped watching her vids because it’s a waste really..i don’t wanna see her just twerking and popping or riding dildos,I wanna see her get manhandled…truth is that we may never bear witness to that

  12. bassallthat

    dick dodging bitch

  13. BSD

    Friends –

    I am soooooo not interested in Spicy J’s nonsense. If she’s only into girls, fine, stay in lesbian porn and I will not have any squabble with her. Won’t even see her. But stop showin’ up in my heterosexual porn, preenin’ and teasin’ as some other girl that I don’t care about gets fucked while the big ass that I want to see get yoked dodges the dick.

    Call me when she’s head down ass up with some meat in her. And that big ass is gettin’ HANDLED! Short of that, I ain’t interested.


    • Zorken

      Yep, that’s one of the biggest BS’s I have ever seen in porn. Honestly, you either enjoy what you do and get the damn job done, or just fuck off already… it feels stupid to watch her hardcore videos… she’s all twerking and being sexy in the intro then she just stop and leave the scene.. I mean… what was she doing there in the first place??

    • Beans

      My man here knows what’s up. She sexy AF!!! Buuuuut she’s on some bullshit. I’ve honestly only watched one of her vids. One where’s she’s riding a dildo. After that I heard about her not fucking. I agree with everything this man here said.

  14. C.A.

    You guys are more hurt about her not fucking a guy than the guy who has to fuck the other girl.

  15. cole_cash

    Dear Spicy J, you’re the woman of my dreams. Stay away from ugly ass men (or worse, boys).

  16. ilovemesomebooty

    Spicy J should just put a “virgo perdiot” on us. Go full out porn, dump your boyfriend. Make millions and finally satisfy millions of thirsty mofos.

    Spicy J is the biggest tease in porn. Wtf is she doing getting fucked by a dildo? If you ain’t getting pounded by a dude, gtfo. There will be a time when she gives in and starts doing porn. I’ll be waiting until that day happends.

    • big dawg

      she wil wait till her body aint shit no more watch wat i tel u

    • Ayyy lmao

      Pornstars dont actually make millions. They make jack shiz and shes probably a hardcore lez

  17. asdf

    Why does Spicy J never get fucked?

    • Eatdatpussey445

      Shes a Lesbian. I wanna see it to I feel ya bruh

      • Poohbia

        I bet alot of these chicks are but they still get smashed on camera

        Some of these dudes are gay but still bang females

        I don’t know if thats a good enough excuse

    • realreal

      he’s engaged or something like that, but the problem is her bf


    I’ve been waiting years for a hardcore scene from her. (Teary eyed emoji)

    • JJ

      Same but i’ll be so sad to see her fucking someone

  19. JJ

    Spicy J is perfect (emoji with heart eyes)

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