12 Responses to Spicy J and Rose Monroe

  1. hazeblazer

    Damn its DINNER TIME!!!!

  2. Ien obik

    She’s thickened up nicely of late 🙂 Ur dick just wanna hulk out 🙂

  3. AlFranklin

    Spicy J has been thick as long as I’ve been aware of her, but when did her ass get that phat? Not complaining just… damn. I wanna out my face in it.

    • slimdunkinbsdg

      I know bro I thought the same thing haha…she is hella fine

  4. yoyo

    issue is spicy J, doesnt take any dick on camera

  5. Oh

    My Niggas My Niggas spicy J can get it. I would make babies with her and that fat ass. mmmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmm!!!

  6. Anon7389

    *rejoining bangbros*

  7. blackfrost

    that is really awesome. i love the giggle to them

  8. DC

    Great gif, thanks m8!

  9. botd

    It’s from a new bangbros video that doesn’t seem to be officially out yet.

  10. pizdec


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