12 Responses to Chocolate and Caramel

  1. Dave Daniel

    Hell yea sqwat that on my face

  2. Dave Daniel

    I love big thick booty hoes

  3. Chaos

    If you honestly think watching I guy thrusting his penis into a hunk of meat is sexually arousing, you must be crazy. I like the fact that Spicy J is keeping it softcore. Watching some other guy drilling her just makes me sick…

    • Grice

      Right, I also don’t like when there’s another guy fucking. I’m heterosexual so I’m not interested in his dick, I just wanna see the girl

  4. BSD

    Friends –

    I got tired of Spicy J’s act a long time ago when her M.O. became apparent. If you’re gonna be in porn, BE IN PORN. If you’re gonna be a dick tease and a softcore model, do that. This shit she does is tired, and I don’t understand why hardcore porn companies keep giving her a platform to do it. I guess that ass is so great that she has fans, (it IS great), but call me when she takes some dick and gets hamslammed on camera. Otherwise I’m on to the next big booty girl who will.


  5. The Sauce
  6. C.A.

    Spicy has 10 videos with Bang Bros, and she has never so much as sucked a guy! That’s impressive. Based on how she looks now I can understand a guy getting some pleasure from just her presence while he’s fucking another girl. But back then she was slimmer than she is now… How?

  7. Vertigo

    Nina has just 18 years, i am surprised.

    That video is gorgeous

  8. bigswole

    has spicyJ ever gave a reason for not accepting the smash down? it makes no sense since she doin all the other stuff in the vids anyway.

  9. iceman8069

    God..I will dig my face all in spicy j’s cheeks!

  10. der

    Thank god for you for informing me with this post…GODDAM. I honestly just want to see Spicy J get rammed for once.

  11. sauce


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