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  1. Rasha

    I need her! Srsly i need some video of her!!! Anyone please share if u have something

  2. Rich Dick

    She needs to do porn. Or more nude photo shots.

    • callofbooty

      I’m gonna have to second this comment. Then again I am close enough to go see this live. Only about 30 miles from Orlando!! This ass is ridiculous…just doesn’t make any sense!!

    • chick

      I’m a girl and I agree. As soon as I saw her I just assumed she did porn too.. sadly she doesn’t 🙁

  3. Tha Man

    She may have a fake ass but she is smoking body. Damn!!! Thank the surgeon for that ass.

  4. Engelbert Perez

    It would be VERY HARD TO A LEAVE FOR WORK when waking up next to her.

  5. dannt

    Amazing chick, great post BOTD!

  6. Akeem

    Well she definitely had a excellent surgeon. Some of these broads get their ass done and the ass has a wierd shape and in some instances is a different color from the rest of their body.

  7. Vertigo

    I really dont care if her ass is fake, she is hot

  8. Fap

    No ass shaking, aww man! Damn. She did have nice big ol’ booty, even if it aint real.

  9. big booty obsesion
  10. Niko

    Video is broken on IPhone

  11. Cali Baned

    Fake …… ehh … think i would have to make an exception on this one

  12. Udder Appreciation

    oh, it’s fake? boooo!

  13. Udder Appreciation

    That butt is amazing

  14. E

    I swear dudes these days be acting like they wouldnt smash this…Cmon

  15. Someone

    She definitely makes a better model than she does a rapper.

    • Raw naug

      Aaahahaha, exactly what I was thinking!

  16. blackfrost

    the whole really really short hair turns it off for me. she is cool but yea she is a behind type chick instead of her riding me.

  17. DG

    i thought she was jessica kylie for a second. i mean her name is JESS i thought she had changed her name again…

  18. C.A.

    I’m usually very turned off by fake butts, but I’ll be damned if this girl isn’t the exception to the rule.

  19. poohbia

    Looks like a totally different person pre surgery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QV-1Q1ja60

    • yoyo

      damn she a rapper too? lol
      guess the rap career didnt pick up XD

  20. bigswole

    Been on Jess Molli for a minute. Good choice. Again, don’t care one bit if buns is fake so long as looks bomb! lol.

  21. Aalim

    Damn. Why can’t girls go natural?

    She’s safe on the couch though.

  22. yepyep

    Sad, These chicks think that smoking makes them cool. These are the chicks who end with dudes who have no lives and treat them like shit and then say “I don’t deserve to be treated like this” ,idiots

  23. botd

    Just went through her Twitter and Titus is right, she’s not stacked in her early pics.

    Also, am I the only one around here that doesn’t understand why people show off their blunts and trees and talk about how much weed they smoke in rap songs? I mean like omg who the hell cares?

    If you do that too uhhh don’t get offended. It’s probably because I’m not cool. But I wonder if people will stop doing that when they make weed legal.

    And I’m gonna start using that Peter Griffin link whenever somebody says a pic is PSed.

    • blackfrost

      lol i use that meme on facebook all the time. piss people off so much; “well i went and bought a new purse and my son got an A on his homework today” “oh my god who the hell cares”. it comes in handy a lot

    • realreal

      yeah i find it pretty annoying too. I’m from Chile and nearly all people here smoke weed, it’s normal and nobody believes they’re better for doing that.

      Classics like snoop are acceptable tho

      PS: This girl, i don’t care if her ass is not real, at least she didn’t have an extreme surgery, she just has normal implants. Ergo: I would bang her, yup

  24. Ctgis


  25. Titus

    You guys probably wont believe this but she actually dances at a club in my hometown orlando. Trust me, its 100000x’s better in person. And she can move that thing like a pro. Its all fake though. Look up some ofnher old photos and you can tell. But like BOD said, i wouldnt kick her out

    • Z

      What club is it she dances at? Assuming you mean Orlando, FL.

      • Titus

        She is at dancers royale at old chyney and colonial. I have seen her there twice. I think she works from like thursday through the weekend. Late shift of course. Its orlando so the mickey mouse rules apply: absolutely NO touching. But she will make your night. Get in line though. She is the most popular girl there for obvious reasons.

        • Jack Reach Around

          I knew this site would cum in handy one day.

          • Jack Reach Around

            Can I touch myself while watching her?

  26. mee(a)t

    Holy shit…

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