46 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 25

  1. clash

    If you seen the comment/question i would appreciate some kind of response. Then the repeat would not be a issue. Butt thanx botd.

  2. Moe

    #14 is Alyssa Sorto

  3. jugalkishor

    damm asses !

  4. DG

    #5 is the best concidering i already know aly

    • botd

      So how come you’re not hooking me up with her so we can date for 3 days. Unless you just meant you’re familiar with her.

      • clash
        • botd

          Dude this is the third time you asked. I’m totally okay with people asking for IDs and I even encourage it, cause people coming here to see new booty and learn new names is very important. Simple eye candy is also important by the way. What was my point again? Oh 3 is the limit to how many times you can ask for IDs or some serious action will be taken. Yep the 4th comment will be removed.

          Also I posted a screenshot from this video before, in the bonus button here…


          Nobody has IDed her since then unless I missed it.

        • botd

          Okay I just read the comments there, and Pfunk says her name is Violet Hayes. Haven’t verified, but thanks Pfunk. Dunno if you still visit.

      • DG

        cuz i got my eye on her 🙂

  5. botd

    Am I the only one that fapped to this singer? Shorty thick as hell…


    • Janos

      You drunk brah? All I’se…see is some skinny cucaas brah?

      • botd

        If you don’t see the crazy juicy singer right in the middle wearing the super sexy orangish goldish dress, then you’re either watching the ad in the beginning instead of the actual video, or Youtube is broken where you live.

      • botd

        Oh maybe you thought I was talking about the girls frolicking on the beach. Funny because I was actually gonna clarify who I was talking about but said nah they should know, and if they don’t, it’s not for them. And right after the link I was gonna say that running this site has taught me how so many people can look at the exact same thing, but perceive something completely different.

        I mean I didn’t notice the average looking beach babes until the 4th time I saw the video, and I was like I bet other people would pay no mind to the singer but totally notice and drool over the beach broads.

        The point I wanted to make is obvious, but didn’t wanna say it cause I say it too many times already. Plus I need to say it again in another post I’m doing in a couple of days.

        • Janos

          I saw 2secs of it brah! After $een the entire video true that she’s thick brah! Is there better quality videos of her elsewhere?

  6. boo(ty) clap. nananna

    Anyone got at info on #9?

  7. heroin
  8. heroin
  9. bangdat

    Can someone provide the name of the second bitch please?

  10. reservoir dog

    i must know #5 now!

  11. Madark

    Who’s number 2?????

  12. vikivik

    THey are all Daammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn HHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT . Please tell names #5 #8 #10…pls pls…

    BTW thanks for sharing….

  13. oxidanta
  14. lolly

    I want number 2 please

    • Yeah

      MVP of the week right here!

      • botd

        True… W is an all around great guy, except for his name-choosing skills.

        • DG

          great guy great name imo

          • botd

            Name’s not bad, just maybe not a great ID for himself. Little bit ironic. If he meant to choose that tho (rather than typing something just to sign up) then it’s all good.

  15. DG

    please #3, 5, and 12?

  16. kyle429

    #7 #13 and #15 FTW!! They need to be found.

  17. Jason

    Who are #’s 3,4,5,6,7, & 10?!

  18. Dickhead


  19. blackfrost

    6 and 9 all day long lol

    • 69

      #6 and #9 till I sing this song

  20. Marcus

    Who is #14?

  21. WARPIG

    # 10 in that pink is so hot

  22. Nick

    Is #9 Camerella?

  23. Smackdatass

    Jenna (no 11) I want to bury my face and cock deep in her ass

    • Smackdatass

      P.s heels = cheating

    • zoomazoomzoom

      you are correct, she is the hottest…now how can i find more? jenna who????


  24. Maceo

    Best selfie post yet!

  25. 843bigred


    • Yeah

      I (as in my dick) WOKE UP LIKE THISSSS!

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