22 Responses to Gianna Michaels See-Through Beach Body

  1. GDUB

    She’s just beautiful.

  2. al bundy

    I find her face to be a real turn off. Her body whoever is alright.

  3. C.A.

    Big girl, big laugh… If you tell her joke and she laughs big then at least you know she’s being honest. Besides it could be worse. #FranDrescher

  4. gphi

    She’s one of the finest looking white girls that I’ve ever seen in porn. I love her natural huge breasts. I could do without the laugh too, but I could put up with the laugh if I had the chance to hangout with her. PEACE!!!

  5. scum666

    Just wow, man…..just wow!!!

  6. Blackfrost

    she is really on my top 10 of downloads. her, Sara J, and siri are really awesome and a must watch for all videos. if you looking for really good material, she is the one to watch from either straight hardcore to just nice and relaxed she does it all.

  7. Pete

    used to hang tight with her and other PS back in the day. Still one of the homies…..good post BOTD

  8. Yolo

    I seen gianna and sophiee dee at pats and genos in philly and to be honest my standards arent very high drunk and them girls Definitely need make up to look average at best and in person the porn cameras make them look exquiste and make up performs miracles if you fellas didnt know

    • Hoe Hop

      Yeh, I saw both of those chicks on an interview on youtube, and damn was I disappointed. Gianna also kind of seemed kind of slow lol. Those people who film pornstars make miracles every day.

  9. Mr.30mins

    I’m hittin it all day and covering her mouth with my lucky scarf. That’ll solve the laugh problem

  10. Bootox

    Gianna really likes her job. You just have to watch one of her scenes to comprove. This bitch sucks, fuck and ride a dick like hell! Always one of my favorite pornstars of all time. Her body beats many of the other girls on porn, even the younger ones…

    About the laugh and urine: really not sexy.

    BUT I would fuck that huge ass and grab that giant tits without mercy…

  11. poohbia

    Gianna Michaels is one of the GOAT performers

  12. Athr

    Hot as hell looking, but something about her on-screen persona – incredibly non sexy to me. Like super arrogance or something. Anyway just my .02cents.

    • Kushkiller

      Agreed also saw her drink urine once

  13. Mr. Plow

    Sexy as hell; until she laughs!

  14. C.A.

    I would melt into a cup to be consumed by her, and swim

  15. Pawg

    Name of girls 0:20 , 0:30 and others if anbody know names ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ai22CMOe5c

    • Douche Baggins

      Troll your shit somewhere else… WTF does that have to do with anything about this thread?

      Gianna is almost 6 feet tall… a bad ass bitch and she LOVES her job so she always gets the thumbs up!

  16. iceman8069

    I always loved Gianna and thought she was super hot…damn man! Plus she always looked like she’d be fun to fuck!

  17. John

    She is really an AWESOME person to hang out with and spend some time with.
    Yes, I think her laugh is sexy too!!!

  18. TOP DAWG


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