17 Responses to Phat Booty Standing on a Chair

  1. Charles Webb

    Amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. vette

    Looks really good but what’s up with her right foot? Looks like a old lady foot.

  3. realreal

    i still miss lily sincere

  4. Blackfrost

    still very lovely no matter what

  5. Bootyman96

    That’s crazy how that angle of this chicks ass is dead on close to Lilys sincere ass. Fucking crazy.

  6. Nicklas Kirkpatrick

    My chick wont stop yelling photoshop at this one. What do you guys think?

    • Bootox

      Hey man, it is PS’d. But even on the original the proportions are nice. In the end, it really doesn’t makes much difference…

      BOTD, again you found another piece of art! Keep doing things on the way you do. People annoyed by PS’d pics can simply search on google for the source. Something really trivial, i say…

    • Sammy

      Yes it’s photoshopped, they made her butt a lot rounder looking and smoothed out the cellulite on her legs.


      • poohbia

        Looks good even without the PS, nice

      • Beans

        Not much of a difference between the PS’d one and the original. They both got me hard so they both pass lol.

    • Nicklas Kirkpatrick

      Thats funny. I wasnt trying to be a party pooper. I thought she was just being a hater, thats hilarious. It sucks I have to tell her she was right about something tho.

  7. DG

    it’s a shame Lily only made 3 videos 🙁

    • Bootyman96

      I agree it’s sad that see only did three scenes for Bangbros and was nominated for booty of the year in 2013 when people didn’t know that much of her. She also did one masturbation video but the audio sucks. This pic is close to Lilly’s body. I miss that chick she could’ve done more or at least be a CamGirl!!

      • DG

        she got wet by just removing her clothes on camera i still cant believe she didnt stay and what’s worse is that theres no twitter or instagram account we can still appreciate that booty 🙁

  8. Superman

    I bout dropped my ipod after seeing this fucking beauty

  9. Swaggy

    OMG she is perfect . White , phat ass. Somebody find her name

  10. iceman8069

    Perfect position to dig my face in it….then smash the fuck outta her!

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