Very Big Ass Gifs

No posts for this weekend. In the meantime, you can check out the new section, Very Big Ass Gifs. (Only for desktop now). Hit the arrow that points to the right when you get there. Keep hitting it till you get bored.

It’s not done yet tho. I mean there still might be some bugs (for example, shit repeats), and doesn’t work on mobile yet. Oh and still gotta add like a trillion more big ass gifs. (Gotta figure out which ones don’t look too f*cked up when they get that big, ya know.)

(Don’t forget to hit the right-direction arrow →. If it doesn’t work, give it a second and then try again. And don’t go too fast or you’ll break it. I still suck at coding.)

Update: Shit, just realized it only works half the time. I’m worse than I thought. Oh well, if it doesn’t for you, try again in a couple of days when I fix it, unless you saw them all already, or you’re not a fan of gifs.

9 Responses to Very Big Ass Gifs

  1. pcjunkie429

    It works fine, but I see no arrow that points to the right? Lol I might be blind, or it might be an issue with Google Chrome or something. For now, the refresh button works for me.

    • pcjunkie429

      Delete this comment, lmao. I had a derp moment haha. I didn’t realize you meant the right arrow on the keyboard. The way you worded it, I thought there was an arrow on the actual page to click. I’m a dumbass. Sorry for wasting your time.

      • botd

        Haha no problem man. Nah I left your comment in for instructions for maybe anybody else. I was in derp mode when I wrote that so yeah I understand.

  2. Fam

    When it works…it’s the shit. Good work. keep it comin.

  3. Pete

    Worked for me bro……great job

  4. SanChez

    Still got a little work to do but nice work botd! The refresh but worked just as well as the arrow for me on mobile. Btw who is the chick with the pink dress getting nailed?

    • botd

      Dani Daniels form this scene…,danipop/intro?s=pwg11192

      It’s called Qualified White Girl.

      Tru, but trying to get just the next pic to load with a swipe, instead of the whole page reloading, so that it’s quicker. Nowadays, people on mobile expect everything to be real quick, because they’re used to apps. But yeah, a refresh will work for now, didn’t even think of that.

  5. Taiwatcher

    yo botd, any idea where that sophie dee .gif came from with her turning around slowly in that living room?

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