Ass on Aisle Six


I should make a Booty of the Decade contest, or Best Booty of All Time or some sh*t.

Let us know who your personal pick would be for Best Booty of All Time. If I get enough good suggestions, maybe I’ll do a poll.

47 Responses to Ass on Aisle Six

  1. mikemexico

    Carman DeLuz. Has cult status

  2. Wixman

    I have to second the Olivia Jensen… her package is just rings my bell. There are some older, well established ladies that have pretty insane booty though. If we’re talking all around thickness, nobody mentioned Daphne Rosen yet. Used to be able to mail order her LOL!

  3. maxwell jr.

    jada stevens, alexis texas, kelly divine, gianna michaels, spicy j, valerie kay, kendra lust, jinx maze, be deli butland, savannah fox.

  4. blackfrost

    Jessie Minxx, Siri, and Alexis texas.

  5. big sean

    Isis Taylor & Drunna

  6. GateNk

    My personal favorite is Diamond Doll. She’s never done hardcore nor do I even know if her assets are real or not… but Gad’damn.

  7. Drisvisic

    Rosee Divine

    Lily Sincere


    Ryan Smiles

    Spicy J

    Sarah Big Butt

    • BigSwole

      yes, forgot about Spicy J! She needs to stop playin tho and just go all in!

  8. freelove

    Crystal Bottoms!!

  9. BigSwole

    Also, one of my all time favs, would wife any day:

    Olivia Jensen

    • botd

      Yeah she’s hot but she’s banned from here cause her webmaster is a dick and caused me problems, so I had to remove your links to his website, ya know.

      Edit: This is a perfect example of why hiring a company to harass websites to take down your pics is a bad idea, cause now nobody’s gonna link to you or allow links to your website anymore.

      • BigSwole

        Wow, that’s ridiculous. Anyhow, I’m sure there’s pics of her on other sites. Considering all the names that have been mentioned, including those I put. I’d say Jensen and Maliah.

        • botd

          Below is a post that originally had like 12 pics of her until I was forced to take them down, so now instead of linking to him, there’s three links to different search engines where you’ll always find plenty of pics of her, no matter how many sites he harasses.


          • BigSwole

            thanks bro. i have to take a step away from her, lol. looking at her pics is bad for your health. can’t help but get angry don’t personally know her to wife. let me know if you find deets. thanks. lol.

  10. botd

    Everybody’s choices above are all great so far. I’ll probably include a girl in the poll if she gets mentioned at least twice or three times.

    • Jack Johnson

      This is BY far the best of the best… straight from my motherland…. grey tights……

      h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = q p q M T B v z a X o

      • botd

        Man I’m not sure if this is about the ass or if you’re trying to promote a group, but I’ll approve the comment anyway. Also, this is not Tumblr, so you don’t have to put spaces in the links.

        • Jack Johnson

          Not trying to promote any group, just trying to promote that perfect ass bro.

          • botd

            Okay I hearya. Yeah the one in the gray’s ass is huge, just how I like them.

  11. BigSwole

    Off the top of my head, I nominate the following for best buns, in no particular order:

    Andressa Soares (obligatory must)
    Jada Stevens
    Maliah Michel (hands down must be on final vote list!)
    Stephanie Santiago
    Alexis Texas
    Bria Myles
    Austin Taylor
    Rosee Divine

  12. Chris

    My #1 total package choice is SIRI. Maybe she doesn’t have the most “protuberant” butt, but she’s definitely one of the most naturally voluptuous and positively beautiful women, period. In my book she’s the closest thing to a Perfect 10 I’ve seen in porn.

    • botd

      I agree with you on her looks. I love her thickness and curves, and nobody looks better riding on top except maybe Noelle Easton. But her personality could use some improvement.

      This is not about personality tho, it’s about best booty of all time, so the booty must have ummm extra protuberance.

      • Chris

        Well in that case I nominate LUANA ALVES.

        • botd

          Good choice and you just made me think, I can’t believe nobody mentioned Darlene yet.

          I even kind of gave it to her on this post…


          • Chris

            She was on the tip of my tongue from the beginning, but I wanted to take looks into consideration too. Not saying she’s unattractive, though. She definitely deserves mention for being as fit as she is at her age. Quintessential MILF.

  13. gphi
  14. cutter

    There are way too many great asses to pick one. I say the reigning ass queen is still Jada though.

  15. G

    ALEXIS TEXAS #1 !!! I also LOVE Kelly Divine’s ass!

    • Fam

      Yea Kelly Divine, Isis Taylor and Savannah Foxx are all on it too. Valerie Kay is dope but she doesn’t have enough raw energy for me. Kendra Lust is hell when oiled up.

  16. Yolodrol

    Damn the best of all time i gotta say Mercedes morr that ass is outta this planet, she has the proportions of a goddess.

    • botd

      I’m saving my opinion on Mercedes Morr until somebody can confirm whether that ass is real or fake. If it’s real tho, yeah, you might be right.

  17. Chris

    ava rose #1 girl out there 😀

  18. Fam

    I gotta go with Ava Rose too. There is something about her…

    • botd

      Duh THAT ASS haha. Nah she’s gorgeous too. Plus she never got a boob job thank heavens. Also those thick juicy thighs… them wide child bearing hips… those breathtaking dreamy eyes… that fine flowing hair… shit, lemme stop. Snap out of it BOTD!


  19. Blaximua

    Julie Cash and PinkyXXX

  20. slim

    mercedes morr .

  21. sbfj

    isis taylor

  22. DLEX33

    I got too many favorites to pick just one. Ava Rose, Luscious Lopez, Phoenix Marie, Cherokee, Roxy Reynolds and the list goes on and on for me

  23. Spungn

    Damn!!! We can only choose one?!?!

    • botd

      Well I guess you can make a couple of suggestions. Just no small booties please.

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