16 Responses to Juicy Jaydashian

  1. Arron Gonzalez

    Damn i just wanna eat that ass

  2. Dreighen

    God I love middle eastern women.

  3. cuzz

    that this girl is fantastic!! dammmm the only thing is i don’t haven instagram so i can’t see all her picks ..

  4. yabajaba

    Goddamn amazing ass.

    Also her vid on vimeo (phatbootycuties) is up now. It’s ok though. The black n white part sucks.

  5. Eyedea

    Add this in description. Her tumblr is bitcheffect.tumblr.com

    • Scum666

      Cheers for the heads up

  6. poohbia

    Where do i sign up?

  7. blackfrost

    she is freaking hot.

  8. That_dude

    love it!

  9. Ctgis

    Damn. Utterly juicy!

  10. BigSwole

    Her IG page is utterly amazing. She deserves an award. I would like to meet her.

  11. One eyed monster

    Am I sick for still wanting to stick my face in that crevice even tho she only wears one pair of underwear?

    • Spungn

      Uh…..ya it makes u sick…..but guess what?!?!?? I’m rite there wid ya dood! Like I’m sure 99.9% of the doods here are too!!!

    • ill phil

      They probably smell awesome after 2 days but after that I don’t know. Id be right there too

  12. Chammastakilla

    OH YES!

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