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  1. Jack Ass

    Got Damm. That’s my type of ass. Makes me wonder if I’m big enuff. Some asses only a horses cock can manage.

  2. Zay

    Too bad. I did some research on her. She really is a prostitute. Have you noticed that she is hiding her face. It’s because it’s butchered. Lol

    • King James

      How did you find out she’s a prostitute? You have a link or something like that? I definitely don’t think she is oversized and don’t care about that ass being fake. If you’re behind that you and your dick do enjoy that ass so good, you don’t give a damn fuck…..

    • Jefferson

      She is and her face is butchered, so is her stomach! so much surgery and she still looks like something that crawled out of my ass after tacos

      • botd

        Putting it like that, I think you changed my opinion a little.

  3. Josh

    Yea that’s def too big, looks a bit ridiculous, but wouldn’t stop me from bangin that big ol booty

    • Brent

      Hahaha ass can never be too big

      • Josh

        Lol I hear that, just in the sense that it looks weird in proportion to the rest of her body and looks a bit ridiculous lol, but like I said, it’s Still great and I’d def hit it

  4. Milo

    Hmm, a bit too much for me though.
    Don’t think it’s beautiful anymore, but that’s my opinion ;D

  5. Cakey

    Good god, that’s a big butt.

  6. Jefferson

    She is nasty and her ass is nasty. A hooker who thinks earning money makes her better than everyone else even though she does it by choking on footlongs

    • botd

      Thanks for your personal opinion Jefferson, but we don’t post anything nasty here. Well except maybe for that last pic on the link above.

      • Jefferson

        No offence, keep up the great work!

        • Neto

          I’m willing to bet if she and you were left alone you would still fuck ;P no lies now…

        • Jefferson

          For sure, but if this site put up photos of all the creatures id fuck we would all be in trouble!

          Luckily 99.99% of the rest of botd is top top quality instead

    • Brent

      Dude what are you saying! If you are a true ass-man no female ass is nasty! I really cant stand you guys who say big asses look nasty, if you dont like it dont comment! If you had the opportunity to smash this chick you would do it in a heart beat!

      • Jefferson

        Nah man, I love big asses, the bigger the better. I just dont like hers, she is a stank.

  7. botd

    That girl probably went from getting practically no attention one day, to getting the most attention the next day.

    Shit, the surgeon probably kicked it to her right after he was done.

  8. poohbia

    That ass is so fake, just look at it lol: http://distilleryimage3.s3.amazonaws.com/3eb45f34355011e3a1c622000ae90129_8.jpg

    But i’d still smash tho

    • botd

      Here, I’ll help you out. Look at the last one. //bootyoftheday.co/2013/02/21/elnaz/

    • realreal

      good lord i looked more pictures of her and is disgusting sometimes. I would still bang her, one in a lifetime opportunity i suppose

  9. sm84

    oh God………tats a piece of art………..!

  10. Gerardo Fernandez

    Her name is Elnaz.

  11. Jason

    Who is she??? :O I WANNA KISS & LICK HER ASS!!!! 😀 & THEN I WANNA EAT IT.

    • the squidhunter

      U do know that Pooh comes out of there?

      • Thatblackguyagain


      • Pete

        @the squidhunter okay, that was funny !! hahahahahaha

      • Neto

        Lol I’d do it still after I shower with her.

  12. blackfrost

    love it

  13. Boooty freak

    Now that’s an ASS!

  14. valiant

    That looks like alot of fun

  15. realreal

    my god i don’t care if that’s not real, daamn

    • Engy

      I would LOVE TO MAKE BABYS WTH HER!!!:-)

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