9 Responses to Leaked Miley Cyrus Sex Tape

  1. jamesbryant

    Why Lie I am a dirt l ty old greatgrandpa I would love for miley to ssee me naked

  2. harpo

    All i had to do was look for the tattoos to kow it wasnt her

  3. GrandMasterFlash

    I’ve seen this chick on Blacks on Blondes, so I knew it wasn’t her. She has a lot more ass than Miley.

  4. Al Bundy

    I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that my dick got rock hard after 2 seconds of this. Or that I even clicked on this thinking it was real >__<

    On that note. Not bad haha.

    • botd

      Tru, I don’t know why my dick got hard either, cause she’s clearly not my type. Maybe it’s the whole banging a celebrity fantasy that we might have deep down.

  5. blackfrost

    at first i thought it was her. was like “yeaaaaaa, i won the pool at work” but then saw it was a parody….damn it.

    • Ctgis

      I had to look at her carefully to know that it’s not Miley Cyrus.

      But yeah. I thought it was legit at first.

  6. Urs

    Really? Is that really her? I guess we all know why she sticks her tongue out like that…there’s probably one with Juicy J too; we just haven’t seen it…

    • botd

      Nah, it’s a parody. But we can pretend.

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