13 Responses to Thick Spanish Girl Seduces Plumber

  1. DC

    I know this one, awesome vid, awesome girl!

  2. blackfrost

    i love the 6th scene. he is really giving it to her lmao

  3. DG

    isnt se a real pornstar at Leche69.com?

    • botd

      She’s done a couple of real porns, so yeah, probably.

      She also did another hidden cam porn with a TV repairman, some people might remember from a while back.

  4. BSD

    Friends –

    Damn, this girl is fine!

    Love her cuteness, Love her thickness. Love her freakiness.


  5. dannt

    amazing girl!, …if it is spanish from Madrid then is european, and if it its from south america then its latin o latina.. anyway great chick, rules! Cheers from Mexico.

  6. marc

    sorry it may sound like a stupid question but is this a real hidden cam or they fake it just to make views?

    • botd

      Looks real to me.

  7. Desipimp

    I love her plump round ass!! The full video is dope! I didn’t understand the dialogue but wasn’t watching it for that lol. That guy tire that ass up!!

  8. Chaos

    Wish having sex was as easy as going to someone’s house and having them seduce you.

  9. Cuzz

    Also Check out LuLu Pretel she from Spain too,, girl got a booty like Dammm Pawg ma nigga,,

  10. iLen

    los espaƱoles hablan bien al momento de tener sexo

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