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  1. ilovemesomebooty

    I can’t believe that there is only one or two scenes where she is being fucked doggystyle the proper way. Most of the time she has her head facing down. She has godlike curves but almost never get they displayed the proper way.

    I have no interest in gangbang and anal isn’t very hot either. Blondie fesser is amazing but her scenes are getting wacker, video by video.

  2. Case

    I’ve never seen a decent porm studio, they’re all insufferable buffoons. I never thought about most actors being gay but the way they perform and all the nut shot camera angles make sense.

    I can’t be the only one who thinks Blondie isn’t attractive in the face. Body is epic, sure.

  3. bootydude

    I’m just grateful that phat assed whores like Fesser take it up their well lubed asses

  4. StrongestNiggaEver

    She’s fucking white boys who can’t handle a phat ass, wack ass camera man who zoom in focus too much on the man and the penetration instead of watching the ass bounce. That’s why her scenes are boring.

    • naughtynuff4u

      you’re probably right. the dudes on bangbros convince everyone who watches, to believe they are straight due to the fact they put women on their site but those who brag about how straight they are about liking women are usually the gay ones. in contrast to what they want you to believe, these dudes probably do like guys more than women. at least put effort in your videos bangbros when you have sex with your women to prove otherwise so you wont arouse suspicion. i have seen homemade sex videos that are better looking and that are a shit ton better than bangbros. sure the videos don’t have a greater quality than bangbros but that’s good because it’s authentic and most of all…REAL. besides i always thought bangbros sounded like a gay site anyways. what kind of fuckin name is bangbros?

    • Willie Beamon

      Decent scene. Only one I have seen of her with a black guy.


      • ilovemesomebooty

        Decent scene? You barely see her ass. The camera man fucked it up once again.

    • Poohbia

      I didn’t wanna say it but was thinking it. The dudes at bangbros (most of the white dudes in particular) usually can’t handle chicks with ass, especially the thicker ones

      Camera angles be retarded most of the time too

    • Shanon

      I agree …. But his cock looks so good and yummy….. Blondie deserve that cock 😉

  5. KingJ

    Hey BOTD, just asking could you do a Big Tits video of Lucie Wilde AKA Busty Buffy? Just a suggestion.

  6. Shanon

    Can i share my pics too on this site BOTD ??? Please reply

    • botd

      Sorry we don’t post submissions.

      • Shanon

        Ok :/

    • Shanon-Lover

      I would like to see those pics. BOTD you fucking up

    • BassMasta

      Why do you want to post your pics here if you dont have this kind of booty? 😛

  7. Shanon

    Wish i had BOOTY like her 🙁

  8. Bootyman96

    Blondie Fesser keeps getting bigger

  9. Suresh Maanlest

    Lovely ass babe.

  10. Billy

    Full video anyone?

    • Charlles Pepper

      [BrazzersExxtra] Blondie Fesser (Shes On The Prowl)
      There are many torrents!!!

      • David

        Are torrents safe? Can u guarantee they don’t give viruses?

        • Chris

          As long as you aren’t dumb about it, torrents are pretty safe. Read comments, compare seeders/leechers/etc.

  11. fuckabish

    she has the fattest fucking ass for a white girl , but damn they need to make the porn more fucking real all of her films are the same . let’s see her play hard to get like she would in real life .

  12. iceman8069

    I’d give Blondie every inch I got! I bet she feels so damn good!

  13. naughtynuff4u

    as attractive as she is, it looks as if they are wearing her into the ground due to her popularity. im sure there are other girls that looks just as attractive as her. on the other hand, some of her scenes are boring, i had to look through the videos to find better parts (no pun).

    • Poohbia

      I thought i was the only one, i find her scenes boring for the most part, their all the same

      • Poohbia

        Im not complaining about that ass tho

        • naughtynuff4u

          haha true. she looks like a nice girl but it wont be too much to ask if she became asshole and more dominating to make her videos very interesting to watch. but like fuckabish wrote her videos are more of the same. he’s right. it’s like watching the same videos over again except she’s wearing different clothes.

          • naughtynuff4u

            why do the most attractive women looks so pretty yet looks so boring when they are having sex?

          • KingJ

            I agree with all of you, it is true. Most of these girls have the body but are just boring, but we are not complaining tho???

          • naughtynuff4u

            no it’s not a complaint but that’s real shit. you would think how they look would reflect on how good they are it’s not the case however, it’s completely the opposite. i mean sure if any one of us would do her it will feel good but certain guys would expect her to do all the work when it comes to sex but wont give or show anything in return for what they want.

    • Pete

      im going to have to agree with the fellas here. Her ass is BEAUTIFUL and appears to be getting bigger but man, all her scene are the same scenes. Fun to watch her but hella boring.

      • kingjin

        Bro, she’s Latino. You will never see a natural big ass on a white girl without it looking weird

    • Zorken

      Yep, add me to the club. It’s good to see she’s active, and that marvelous ass is definetly going to win the 2015 BOTD Booty of The Year Award, but if you’ve watched one scene of her, you’ve watched them all.

      The sad thing is Bangbros doesn’t use their actresses to do cool intros where the she just walk around naked shaking her big ass and dancing and doing all types of booty moves before the sex starts (Those type of intros are what actually gets me off, not the sex scene itself). They always make sure there’s a dude talking and ruining the moment….

      I think Brazzers would be able to use Blondie’s assets much more wisely in this aspect. Usually their intros are well done (with slow motion and all), without any male interference..

      • naughtynuff4u

        agreed pete. i wouldnt have wrote it better myself.

      • naughtynuff4u

        and i agree with you too Zorken.

  14. Mr.30mins

    She loves to shoot for Public Bang. In that case it’ll be fine if I fuck her in the backyard everyday

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