20 Responses to Slave Booty

  1. BrazilGuy

    Desktop on iPad! Hate the extra click To see the gifs.

    • botd

      I hearya, but according to the site statistics, it showed that people visiting on their iPads are the ones that bounce and leave the quickest. So I’m guessing it’s because some of them are using 3g cell connections and not wifi, so the desktop version loads slow for them. That’s why I switched it to the mobile version for iPad users, cause that loads quick.

      But if you’re on fast wifi and you want the desktop version, you can press the hamburger menu icon on the top right and then choose desktop version. It should save your preference I think. Let me know if it doesn’t.

  2. Ray

    Only iPad

  3. RodRoss

    Man that’s quite an ass, we need details ,name , address, Instagram etc..

  4. BootyFreak

    Got dayam! I want to eat that ass…all day!

  5. Jhoor

    Lets find out who is this Girl. Someone ?

  6. Pete

    Desk top !!! And this is my kinda booty

  7. Electriwizard

    Amazing ass.

  8. Mr. 30mins

    I’ll serve that ass forever

  9. chris

    My god that is a perfect ass!

  10. superd


  11. Deez nuts

    Mobile view

  12. TOP DAWG

    Always on the go….mobile

  13. Goochslapper

    Seriously who is this goddess you have posted.. O.o

  14. Ahmet

    YESS! Her thighs are resilient and touching! The antithesis of the all-too-often vaunted “gap.”

  15. Whanky

    Desktop, BOTD

  16. Loving that ass

    WHO IS THAT! Daaaamn!

  17. BSD

    Friends –

    I wanna LIVE in that ass.


  18. iceman8069

    Gorgeous and perfect ass!

  19. DG

    she’s amazing 😉
    what’s an ipad? lmao

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