23 Responses to Best Ass Ever?

  1. GDUB

    The ass of asses!!!!

  2. kevin

    i’d love to wake up to that everyday

  3. rodimus48prime

    I LOVE the way Darlene shakes that ASS when she walks !!!

  4. haha

    when your legs are so thick that they make secondary asses on the side

  5. Peter

    Behind that ASS everybody on all fours!!!

    • Cole

      And now she’s doing fart porn. I’m dead serious.

  6. Dirty Urine

    There is no doubt that this is the best ass ever. If anyone thinks there is better post a pic, otherwise just enjoy the wonderful view that Darlene provides.

  7. ZIMR

    Wow , could you pls tell which scene is this ?

    • botd

      I forgot which video the scene is from, but if you search her name on Xhamster you’ll find it.

  8. Ultimate Connoisseur

    Would have to say, size, shape and sheer roundness of the cheeks… it is the best ass i have EVER seen.

  9. Kdiddy

    Sauce? Good LAWD dat ass is perfect!!

  10. had

    nice ass to fuck

  11. Roy R

    May the Gods bless your heart and your ass forever and ever, Darlene! Dios Mio!!!

  12. fuckin///sick

    thats a perfect ass … fuck yeahhhhhh

  13. Bunda Bro

    That might just be the best ass in the history of porn.

  14. Frody

    Good Laaawd thats a fat ass! Very Nice!

  15. John

    Watch out for her second ass below her first, fucking gross.

  16. bigblack

    MMMMMMM Isnt that delicious

  17. Ivan

    Darlene tiene uno de los mejores culos pero no es el mejor

  18. Sergio

    Ella tiene un gran culo, uno de los mejores que se an visto pero no tiene una buena cara.

  19. asslover

    darlene amaro, your welcome.

    • botd

      Thanks, never knew her last name.

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