16 Responses to Carmen De Luz Shaking and Walking

  1. jay

    Tbh it sucked!

  2. OldDirtyPants

    NO. just fat whale blubber

  3. Jason
    • Lula420

      You AGAIN, bro? I’ll save this for tomorrow. Blondie Fesser already fapped the hell outta me…

  4. Boo yah

    Fucking love this whore

  5. iceman8069

    That is a great ass!

  6. KingJ

    OOOOOMMMGGGG!!!! (singing in hymns)

  7. Suresh

    Lovely ass. Sexy babe overall

  8. poohbia

    She needs to do some BBC

    • Obi Quan Kenobi

      Preach my brother…

      • big booty obsesion

        yes she need hard fucker with big gun

        • poohbia

          Yeah, bangbros needs to stop pairing her up with these no energy guys.

          I didnt even finish the whole vid before getting bored

  9. Pawg Hunter


    • Yeah

      Oh DAMN this surprised me! woot wooooooooo

    • swarpkof

      big ass

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