11 Responses to Pigtails and Ass

  1. Jeezus BB

    It’s edited but that ass is phat nonetheless

    • Barryp

      The original is even better.

  2. chrism87

    name anyone??

    • Jjr

      Yea, does anybody have a name or scene? I gotta see more of that ass.

  3. BrazilianGuy

    Where is the asshole? lol

    • botd


      • Yeah

        I guess she offers no anal then? huehuehue

  4. Steve

    My god I would spend hours with my face buried in there. It looks absolutely perfect.

  5. Exsecror78

    That’s a tight little butthole. Would lose it quick two pumps in.

  6. iceman8069

    Now that’s perfect! I would stick my face in then proceed to smash the daylights outta this chick!

  7. Ctgis

    Wow. I remember seeing this lady years ago when Bang Bros was up and coming. An old photo but still nice to see, though.

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