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  1. I love it!!

    I love it!!

  2. iChainzz


  3. scum666

    Hey dudes. A chick doesn’t have to possess a huge ass to look hot. I personally prefer pert lil asses like on Remy here.

    I can appreciate a nice big rump but this is more my speed.

    Variety is the spice of life.

  4. Queefsniffer

    I think people are overlooking the greatness of that ass because Remys body is so small. I personally prefer a tiny chick with a phatty. Thanks bro

    • botd

      I think he just wants to see new stuff. I’d rather wait than post something wack or some artificial ass like all that’s going around nowadays.

      Anyway, to me this is art tho. Some people can’t appreciate fine art cause they aren’t distinguished gentleman like me and you umm, Queefsniffer. Pass the fine wine and the caviar. I do declare.

      • Queefsniffer

        Thanks for the shoutout and thanks for your dedication to the booty! Great site

  5. Al

    Love the sit. Just as much as love big ass. Keep the updates coming who ever owns this website

  6. $#@D¥no1

    Not bad for a walking booty!!!

  7. Fam

    That girl got talent!

  8. John

    Nice ass and all but….

    • botd

      Not at all. The other post was a video. This is the gif version I posted to Tumblr, then somebody took it and posted it on Reddit and it made it to the Front Page. It would be a mistake if I didn’t post it here. This post is for me.

      • Fam

        Ayo, this post is appreciated. Just know that 🙂 ::thumbs up::

        • botd

          Thanks Fam. I keep thinking about giving this shit up, but maybe not if people still want it. Ayo everybody, Fam just saved BOTD. Just know that.

      • Spungn

        Ya, BOTD, it don’t matter!!! This is a great post!!!! FUK JOHN!!!!!!!!

        • John

          Internet courage!!!

        • John

          Spungn has Internet courage!!!

        • botd

          Thanks bro. Appreciate the backup. I’ll let you know when I need it tho. No need to get rowdy. You gotta be distinguished like me and Queefsniffer. Don’t let his name fool you tho. We just had caviar with the Clintons.

          Ayo QS, pass my boy Spungn some of that good wine. Cheers.

      • John

        Wasn’t being disrespectful.
        I love the site, this video AND gif!!!
        Was only humor.

        • botd

          Don’t worry about it. I know you just wanna see new stuff. You have to wait tho.

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