Kelsi Monroe Club Girl Walking Compilation


Since some people like to point out a girl’s flaws all the time, well at least how they see it, as if they themselves are God’s Gift to women everywhere, here let me try. The only thing I don’t like about her ass are those marks she has. Right guys? *High fives* Am I doing it right?

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19 Responses to Kelsi Monroe Club Girl Walking Compilation

  1. Rahul sharma

    can anyone help me finding any images/videos for this chick:

  2. Pete

    Excellent post and great points made here bro…..I see dude complain waaaaay more than they should on this site. Now if you’re one of those dudes that can go out there and pull ALL that baddies with that fat asses, then by all means, express your opinion. But if you’re one of those dudes that can only get these women on screen with a bottle of lotion, just shut up and enjoy the view.

  3. Bootox

    Well, if someone is complaining about every girl in here this person is on the wrong place (or don’t like women). But, if this person is sporadically expressing his opinion I don’t see any problems. When you say that you don’t like of a particular characteristic of a girl, you’re doing this based on your own preference. It doesn’t matter if you will fuck her or not, it’s just analisys.

    Leave your opinion, just don’t be annoying every time.

    Kelsi, you’re welcome on my bed anytime! lol

  4. poohbia

    That shit on her ass is a turn off tho

  5. Spungn

    Since everyone else is puttin their 2 cents in..I might as well. Bigred, BOTD, Blackfrost and iceman pretty much summed it up – for me. Nitpicking and having preferences are 2 different things!!!

  6. Mikey Mags

    Beauitful bro!!! Great post. I love when dudes nit pick bout chicks!!! Look in the mirror

  7. big booty obsesion
  8. blackfrost

    as long as it can twerk on me, i don’t care if it has a road map on it lol

  9. bana

    I wish I could live on those marks

  10. iceman8069

    Kelsi could get it all day everyday….and dude above me is absolutely correct,dudes complain about a chick they couldn’t even get next to to even breathe the same air they breathe let alone talk to them….there’s not a damn thing wrong with any of the ladies you post botd….there’s allot more of us that appreciate it then the nitpicking bitches that tend to whine about certain women that you post…fuck em,keep doin your thing!

    • Jack Reach Around

      Let me put it this way, let’s assume you had a chance to fuck 1000 women. These women all have flaws of course, but you had an opportunity to evaluate each one. This allows you to shape or form your preferences. From my experience women prefer man that know exactly what turns them on! Try it nit-pick your gal about everything, you’ll find her reactions surprising. Or go to a strip joint and choose a stripper you really like, tell her how impress you are with some other stripper you see. She’s going to try harder, and that’s the point. Women are not goddesses, they’re 2 legged creatures with a pussy. Now if your a little boy, it is obvious your going to be easily impress with whatever! Make your checks payable to my STRAWMAN.

      • botd

        True, sometimes it’s not wise to give a girl too many compliments or else it becomes a turn off for them. Subconsciously her brain is like “He’s showing too much interest, he must not have that much going for himself, he’s probably low status in the tribe” or something along those lines. And yeah, sometimes giving them a very little, minor, small diss instead of a compliment makes them more attracted to you. But we’re talking about girls IRL, not pics on the internet.

        None of these models is gonna come to this site like “oooh that guy BigBootyLoverM28FromNJ4U just dissed me in the comments. I need to find out his numba”

        Which brings me to this next thing. Guys, stop leaving your phone number in the comments. These girls aren’t gonna call you.

        • Douche Baggins

          Only thing I don’t like about her is that her ass isn’t on my face….

          Did I do that right? 😉

          OMG KELSI CALL ME AT 23i-mst-upid

          • botd


      • iceman8069

        Nitpicking and having a preference are too different things….not every guy is attracted to the same type of chick as not every chick is attracted to the same type of guy…when you pick out every flaw that someone has in this case,the fine ass chicks that get posted here,then that’s some bitch nigga shit….I don’t care how you slice it,that is exactly what it is….there’s no problem having preferences because everyone has a preference….nitpicking makes you look like an asshole…bottom line!

        • Dickinson

          All very good points. The only complaint, I have about Kelsi is that, she’s not here to help me. Dammmit Kelsi.

  11. 843bigred

    I agree, I would pretty much take all the ladies you post. Some guys knock women on here they wouldn’t have a chance with anyway.

    • Yeah

      Knock it up!

    • Joe

      I know, right? Go on and nitpick a bunch of damn stunners when their girlfriends (if they have any) are all nasty heifers.

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