48 Responses to Kelsi Monroe Twerk Splits

    • Zombie

      Yeah! who is she? I need this guy’s. Come on!

      • KingJ

        Dani Sorrento

        • Zombie

          Thank you. You sir are a true friend.

  1. Natedrake

    Guys, 2 questions.

    1- does anyone know who this pawg is? She’s just amazing

    2- do you guys have new videos from anja dee? I noticed a couple of “rare” videos the other day, with the watermark of masterfap. And btw, she re open her Instagram account

    • Yabajaba

      IG: Lilliluxe

      Her hips are more impressive than her ass, which she hardly shows off on there (also not as big as it might seem).

      Anja’s IG still sucks as usual but hoping she’ll make a CP with decent stuff.

  2. Beardo

    Thong leotards are the best. Still though Remy > kelsi

  3. xxxxxx
    • Snypre

      Wow that’s an ass. Someone has to recognize her.

    • poohbia

      Damn son, nice

    • Jethro Toll

      That’s my English teacher. Naht really. Great find.

    • Yabajaba

      Shit thanks for the find, love this girl.

      Br1g1ttPari$ on Streamate.

      I check her out on cam every other day or so. Not to sound like a shill but she shows off her ass for only $1 and that site also lets you spend any amount so I’ll occasionally pop in and throw a dollar or two if she’s wearin somethin nice. She sells vids for $10 and has been talkin about makin her own site to sell them (where they’ll be cheaper). She has a couple of b/g vids too.

      I don’t have any since I’m tryin to chill with the spending here but if anyone’s down to go half on one, hit me up: jaketazthe2nd@gmail.com.

    • Jethro Toll
  4. WindMachine

    Does anyone know who this may be?

    • Jethro Toll

      Holy Mother of God! Nice find.

    • mamba


    • C.A.

      Her name is Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside). You’re welcome.

      • WindMachine

        yow c.a. im looking for the name Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside) but i am not finding anything. Help me man i want to see that ass some more. I wish some of my teachers looked more like that.

        • i

          Cant find it bruh can you link?

          • bootyologist by nature

            Brah you just got trolled lol

      • Bootylover5000

        Damn give us a link or something can’t find her!!

    • Brok3Geez

      The for the share, this boardoes always finds gems.

      Name is Onyxclassica

      Only found a Twitter

      • C.A.

        Thanks! And sorry for misleading you guys. I figured you’d know I was joking.

        In other news, she lives in Ft. Lauderdale! My neck of the woods.

    • Yuan
    • Hambone


      Twitter: https://twitter.com/onyxclassica
      Source: https://twitter.com/onyxclassica/status/754416426920792064 (Same vid that was on tumblr)

      All I could find


  5. Iceman8069

    I fucking love this chick! I’d bury my dick as deep as humanly possible inside her and I would never pull out!

    • Traxx

      Ditto 😀

    • Asslova

      Same here. If God has a daughter she must have an ass like that.

  6. bootox

    Kelsi is cultivating such a nice ass there…

    We have to give this girl some (a lot!) of credit because this one has wicked skills. In a way, she resembles me of Remy Lacroix. A girl with a nice body, mad skills and that can cultivate a fine ass with time.

    I’ll be always a fan.

  7. fanbootyday
    • Taiwatcher

      @fanbootyday I’m sorry but that girl has a better booty and body than kelsi

    • Anonymous

      @fanbootyday: Thanks for your previous links of plus-size models! Friendly tip to anyone: If you’re gonna post physical fitness women, look for videos and pics of them in their “off season” when they have a higher percentage of body fat on them. I “Binged” this same girl from the 2 links and the photos of her ripped and skinny are kinda harsh to look at compared to when she’s softer and curvy. Peace!

  8. Alley Al

    “assistant”? Effing autocorrect and it’s hard to type wit the nondominant hand whilst being vigorously jostled by the other. The word should have been ass. Lmfao! Whoooo!

  9. Alley Al

    Sex wit her would be an Olympic event…100 meter dash, her assistant better keep up cause I’m…ahhhh!

  10. Goldy

    She is a problem, these other hoes in the game better watch out. The best ass in porn. Maybe, the best since Naomi Russell.

    • bootox

      Naomi…that girl was sexy and insatiable. One of a kind. I miss her.

    • Traxx


  11. poohbia

    Liking thicker figure compared to when she first came out

  12. Sweet Jeebus

    …i need a fucking white girl…

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