20 Responses to Kelsi Monroe Slomo Booty Clap and Jiggle

  1. Willy43

    Any of you guys knows who’s this girl is or from where is this? https://mobile.twitter.com/OMGHerButt/status/634660135051350016

  2. Ilovemesomebooty

    Another big booty pornstar falling to the anal side. I despice anal, it looks so weird. And when its gaping i instantly lose any boner that i had. Kelsi monroe, Mandy muse, Kelly divine, Valentina nappi. The worst of all is Franceska jaimes. Goddess of an ass! But mostly does anal.

    I barely get off on porn because 80 percent involves anal. Every big booty pornstar that you love has done anal. It annoys me so much when they ruin a scene by only doing anal, zooming in onto the gaping hole as if its something that i like.

    Where is the pussy penetration?!?!

    • BigAssVoyeur

      Blondie Fesser too : (
      I too don’t really fancy anal: a little here, a little there is fine. But throughout the scene? OK cut!

      • RookieTime123

        I feel you man anal looks weird and it makes the fucking have to go slower and it looks less intense. I hate seeing toptier girls doing boring stale anal scenes. New HD porn is getting boring because the scenes look so tryhard and fake. The girl has to have such excess makeup and it just looks distracting. Id rather watch teamskeet bang a hot girl on a couch with just a phone. Bangbros and realitykings do good scenes but other groups not so well.

    • poohbia

      Agreed, some anal is ok, but I don’t even watch scenes that only do anal

  3. BigAssVoyeur

    BTW guys, can anyone ID da girl in this gif ( https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5evTUTHQ_p-emtaVy1RbHhnOTA )? I can find my way from there. GIF used to be on xvideos sidepanel. Guy seems to be Rico Strong. And then I hope it doesn’t turn out to be one of those GIFs that contain all the action from an otherwise dry video. Pls, pls, pls. Thanks.

    • iceman8069

      That’s Sadie West

      • BigAssVoyeur

        Thanks for putting me out of my agony! You’re d man.

        • iceman8069

          No problem bro

  4. BigAssVoyeur

    Kelsi has a great ass, but I kinda stopped keeping tabs since she almost always does anal: anal’s not quite up my alley. Similar case for Mandy Muse. Sigh : (

  5. Rekka_Kien

    link please

  6. Chris

    Kelsi is da bomb.

    P.S. Anyone know who this is?

  7. iceman8069

    She really has a great ass! put my face all in that!

  8. beardo

    Love me some Kelsi.

  9. Pete

    Yes, YES PLEASE !!!

  10. E

    By Zues’ beard! BOTD bro…my man. Ya killing me with this post.

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