25 Responses to Blondie Fesser Public Booty

  1. boxx

    Wow white girls with asses a black mans dream

  2. MrBreeze

    That’s some prime rump

  3. Pete

    I’m always one to say never complain about the ass but even I have to admit her scenes are boring !! Would I smash ? ALL DAY LONG !! But her scenes have been so boring, I could care less about them now….felt the same about Ava Rose too after awhile….when they get her doing something different, I’ll be interested. Until then, beautiful ass, wasted on boring shit

    • naughtynuff4u

      you’re goddamn right.

  4. yabajaba

    She’s way overrated imo. Average hips, and an ass that always looks bigger than it really is because of camera tricks. BangBros is possibly the most boring porn site out there. It’s all the same shit and has too many overly-talkative brodudes.

  5. poohbia

    Its a shame she shoots so many scenes for bangbros, they are all the same

    You seen one, you’ve seen them all

    • ilovemesomebooty

      The worst part is that the crew of bangbros is so terrible at filming the right angles. They have great connections to amazing big booty pornstars. Great make-up, fantastic body, big budget production. Then the scene starts and ask yourself “What is this crap?!”. Either the scene is being ruined by anal or the angles are so shitty. They zoom in so close that you barely see any of the action.

      Bangbros used to be my number one go to site for big booty pornstars. Alexis texas, rose monroe, Austin taylor, ava dalush, Kelly divine, Sophie dee, Ava rose, Ava alvarez, great latina’s! Now you barely get any good content.

      Industry invaders is at the top of the big booty game. Their camera work is solid and the girls always look thick. Unfortunately i can’t find many scenes because it’s always named in a different way.

  6. blackfrost

    why so oil???

  7. ilovemesomebooty

    She is hands down (pun intended) the best big booty pornstar of 2015. Her ass is phenominal, she has a cute face, beautiful pussy lips. Simply amazing! If they could just find someone who can properly film her getting fucked in doggystyle, we’ve got gold on our hands!

    If been dying to see another video of her. I know what i’ll be doing right now.

    • ilovemesomebooty

      That was a very boring scene to be honest. Why the heck isn’t she doing porn like in a house or something?!

      Why does it have to be in public!?! She can’t let herself go wild! The angles were pretty bad. Doggystyle wasn’t even in an arched position, she’s always facing ass up, head downards.

      Blondie fesser has this amazing ass. And in none of her scenes have i seen a guy properly fuck her in doggystyle position.

      • buttface

        exactly my point . .perfect ass& it’s just being water w these bs scenes .

        • BigAssVoyeur

          … hmm. So her potential isn’t been fully explored then….
          Will go see some more of her non-Bangbros scenes (Putalocura et al). She ain’t off the hook yet! But damn, what an ass!

          • BigAssVoyeur

            “being” not “been”.
            My bad.

  8. Suresh Maanlest

    Lovely ass!!

  9. buttface

    literally ALL . .of her scenes are the same -_- what a waste a beautiful ass smh

    • naughtynuff4u

      just because she has a big ass, that doesn’t mean she’s good at having sex.

      • naughtynuff4u

        that fact guys have a fast release is not because the sex is good, but (excuse the pun) it’s the shape and the size of her ass that makes them cum. true shit.

        • BigAssVoyeur

          Exactly: great ass/body but lacklustre performance. Kind of like Ava Rose.

        • Zorken

          LOL I was going to comment on this theme but you guys beat me to it… You see.. I don’t think it’s Blondie’s fault per se.. it’s BangBros who keeps ruining shit by shooting the exact same scenes in the same positions with this “public bang” shit (yeah, because I’m totally interested in seeing strange guys passing by while Ms. Fesser’s ass is bouncing, wow, so cool..).

          Blondie has a fucking delicious and phenomenal ass and I definetly wouldn’t say that sex with her would be lackluster (I get hard just imagine that ass bouncing on my dick). But from the viewers perspective, yeah, the scenes are boring. Again, because of Bangbros and their bullshit. If only they would have intros where Blondie walks around naked and shakes her ass to the camera WITHOUT any dude ruining the moment by talking to her or putting his hands on her then I the scenes would be a lot more interesting, for me at least.

          • naughtynuff4u

            yeah you’re right but she agreed to do these scenes lol. if she realizes that it’s more than just making money and not just going towards a camera so she will get noticed, her scenes wouldn’t be as boring, and it would look more authentic.

            yeah bangbros sucks but like any company that wants to make good shit again is when they don’t have any money to do anymore movies. and like their scenes, it won’t be long when BB closes their site.

            as for blondie, i like her because she’s natural and comfortable with herself and not plastic like most girls recently who were on the site, so i’d give her credit for that.

      • buttface

        tf are you talking about ? I never said she fuck good cause her ass is big , i said her scenes are all the same .

        • naughtynuff4u

          tf are you talking about? i didn’t type that you said that. that was a direct statement towards botd. i made a point why most guys think that’s why. and yes you’re right her scenes are the same, especially bangbros. vids because they always have her do the public bang shit like it isn’t fake. i even wrote about that in another video botd had posted of her.

    • swarpkof

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