9 Responses to Iskra Lawrence Instagram Pics

  1. Pete

    She needs to be doing porn or ME with a body like that

  2. Electriwizard

    I just had to comment: that’s a beauty.

  3. 843bigred

    outstanding woman

  4. Dick Tracy

    She looks like a hotter, curvier, thicker version of Ivanka Trump, who is already gorgeous as it is!

  5. Goldy

    She has to either be a stone cold bitch, be schizophrenic, have borderline personality disorder, have halitosis or vagitosis. There is always something wrong with beautiful women; maybe she has low self esteem – which in that case could be good or bad.

    • Anonymous

      You’re on to something, man. Of course there may be exceptions, but for the most part that has been the experience. Numerous deep discussions on this subject with many different people throughout the years and the consensus usually is that the attention women receive due to men trying to get in their pants can change them for the worse. For example: if the woman in question has no interests outside of her physical appearance (a limited world view), then chances are she isn’t pleasant to be around. And not too many consider the concept of a “limited shelf life” (looks fading with age) resulting in a complete absence of humility. Just an opinion. Don’t nobody get triggered now.

  6. BigAssVoyeur

    Absolute stunner. Can’t find a single cause for complaint, even with my magnifiers at full res!

  7. BootyFreak

    With a body like that, I know she’s gettin fucked royally!

  8. primerino

    She’s perfect. 10/10

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