28 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Part 11

  1. BigRob

    Any info on #11? She’s perfect!!

  2. Demon

    All them is good for a wank. Key is to concentrate at them one at a time otherwise one gets confused. A slideshow will work but I like to maximize them as I reach climax.

  3. Arnold

    @WhoDis? It is Terri Jane.

  4. Will43

    Help! do you know the blonde girl http://www.bootysource.com/?p=18579 she’s so hot!

  5. ilovemesomebooty

    Does anyone know the name of this beautiful lady?


    • yabajab

      Also curious…

  6. steven


    can you guys help me find the longer version of this video , please

  7. StrongestNiggaEver

    Danii Banks is so overrated and ugly. Definitely not attractive enough to be posted more than once in one post.

    • Kees

      13’s okay though, I don’t like the rest of the pics (of her).

    • botd

      I hearya, but sometimes its more about the picture and less about the girl.

    • poohbia

      Agreed. She looks weird all around

  8. Swagfag

    LOL that one chick #11 is posing near like tampons and menstruation products

  9. yabajaba

    #6 is amazing. Couldn’t find any results on her unfortunately.

    Tired of all these urban/bad-bitch types. So fake in personality and in body. #6 though….an ordinary curvy plain-jane. Just my type.

  10. Rekka_Kien

    damn, who’s #1?

    • botd

      See the comment before yours.

  11. SFV Chun Li Fine AF

    Kristen Live breakin necks (dat face + figure)!

  12. BSD

    Friends –

    If #5 is real, and there’s no fakery goin’ on, I’m in.

    Like them big legs.


    • botd

      Its lolliecakes. I have my doubts about her, but the pic is real.

  13. BigAssVoyeur

    Liking #7. Whole body’s a work of art, with the extensive inks ‘n all. Must be something about their sweeping patterns. Would love to run my hand over them. Never thought I’d be saying this about such a heavily tattooed broad.

  14. Poohbia

    The chick in the drug store can get it, anyone know who it is?

    My bad if someone already posted a link, i didn’t read comments yet

  15. Litos

    I need to know who is #11 and #12 please??

    • Kees

      I agree, dem those are hawt ♥_♥

  16. Stevo

    Oh man, the third picture is so obviously faked it hurts to look at. It looks like someone put a picture of the infamous webcam model Carmen onto a black body and then inflated the shit out of her hips and legs.

    • botd

      Then she must have mad Photoshop skills cause all her pics are like that. Her videos too.

      • Stevo

        Well it’s a good job I was talking about the picture and not the model then isn’t it?

        • botd

          You said the picture IS so obviously faked. That’s wrong. If you said the picture seems fake to you, that’s a different story.

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