34 Responses to Lucky Chair

  1. GDUB

    That’s a very lucky chair.

  2. Lonny bernard

    Wow!!!!! She is so sexy n hot

  3. This guy!

    I must be super picky, but yet again, this gal is decent. Yeah yeah, booty booty booty everywhere, just this one is…hell I dunno.

  4. 843bigred

    Is one of the best asses out on this planet ,

  5. Bootox

    Man, this ass is from heaven!!! Her ass look more bigger than I could remember…and that’s AWESOME! She is one of my favorites and one of the few that I follow on instagram.
    Like Spicy she had to hit the porn movies or at least make masturbation and dildo videos at least………..No, she have to do fuck scenes, because just teasing wouldn’t be enough with an ass of this size.

    • RestlessAPE988

      I actually had her as a booty call for two years while I was at engineering school , well not a booty call , what i mean is we only spent time banging. no dinner , no going out , no movies no nothing. Her blowjob skills are lacking , but she over compensates with that huge ass , speaking of , her ass feels sublime and she can really, and i mean REALLY ride a dick , on the other hand she cums way to quickly and just lies there after two or three nuts (and looks kinda ugly with no make up on).

      • TeeO

        anybody can say that on the internet… more proof!

  6. yea

    If I was dating her would definitely only be hitting that raw.
    props on the pics from asslover

  7. asslover562


    You’re welcome guys.

    • mee(a)t

      You’re doing God’s work

  8. Travolta

    video link pls …

  9. Pete


  10. Mr.30mins

    Love watching that ass jiggle

  11. bigswole
    • Caesar

      Good find

    • Bootox

      Hummm…pretty face and thick. Good combination.

  12. dudde

    Anyone here knows if she has at least made a masturbation video? Or maybe used a dildo.

    She’s worse than Spicy J, at least i’ve seen her ass jumping in a big dildo.

    • bigswole

      she has some vids that are close that she made with blue star live a while back. buked naked.

  13. jaymak

    i’d pay for doggystyle with zero regrets

  14. Jason

    YES!!!!! Do you have a link to this video?!

  15. Random fapper

    Best booty on the planet by far

  16. blackfrost

    She has to be in other videos with an ass like that. Really come on lol

  17. realreal

    The greatest ass of great asses.

    Sadly i’m 100% sure that she will never make porn.

    • C.A.

      The industry may not be rich enough.

  18. tommytbaron

    That ass is uncanny!!

  19. GreenEggsAndHam

    One of my favorite women

    The things I would do to this woman, ass for days

    Thank you BOTD for this

    Dr.Seuss’s Friend

  20. bigswole

    seen her in person a couple times and her junk absolutely cray

  21. iheatbutts

    holy mother of ass. not the best lookin ass. but gah damn!

  22. Tha Man

    That ass is sooo nice and big, I just want to grab her cheeks.

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