6 Responses to Abella Anderson in Vegas

  1. GDUB

    One of my favorites I like her energy.

  2. der

    Lexybaddie IG more elnaz!

  3. blackfrost

    Very nice pic(k)!! If u ever see her in porn she can ride a dick better than anyone I ever known or seen. She is great

    • DG

      she’s so overrated, hardly any booty on her

      • C.A.

        Ehhh just because she’s not the biggest doesn’t mean she can’t move it better than some girls who got it. Blackfrost is right. She actually performs.

        • DG

          *cough* sierra sanders *cough*
          sierra has anal scenes with BBC and actually performs, damn she fucks the guys not the opposite lol. so she is miles ahead of abella

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