Thick Asians in One-Pieces – Part 8

Imagine how much jav porn someone needs to watch to find all this stuff. Not ashamed.

Anyway, I know lots of you have no problem shelling out 10 to 20 bucks to sub to a girl’s OnlyFans, only to be immediately disappointed. All I ask is that you consider becoming a Patron for just 5 a month, the price of a small cup of coffee (sounding like one of those charity commercials), for 11 years of hard work. Okay fine, 8 years, since I took a 3 year break.

Ask yourself how many new IDs and new material you found because of this site, that’s all. What’s worth more, $20 to sub to an OF chick and find like 2 or 3 quality posts that you can’t even download (unless you install an extension), or a trillion good posts and a jillion new IDs. If I’m being honest, some of them do have lots of good posts and do work hard. And they do post their own stuff rather than just editing. Nobody wants to see me stripping though.

  1. Umi Mitoma from MOT-198
  2. Meiko Nakao from DIGI-230
  3. Kawane Kurumi from KTDS-903
  4. Rio Oohara from JUNY-048
  5. Yumi Shion from SNI-882
  6. Haruka Aino from KTDS-912
  7. Ayaka Makimura from JUL-006
  8. Matsumoto Nanami and Yoshine Yuria from MIAA-496

16 Responses to Thick Asians in One-Pieces – Part 8

  1. Dachardi

    1? 2? 4? 6? 7? Thanks‍♂️

    • botd

      1 is Umi Mitoma from MOT-198

    • botd

      2 is Meiko Nakao from DIGI-230

    • botd

      4 is Rio Oohara from JUNY-048

    • botd

      6 is Haruka Aino from KTDS-912

    • botd

      7 is Ayaka Makimura from JUL-006

    • botd

      If you’re satisfied with the service that you can’t get anywhere else, please consider becoming a Patron at

    • botd

      Also to find a site where you can watch all or most of them, Google “code-name-here watch jav”.

  2. boobhead

    name of number 3?

    • botd

      Kawane Kurumi from KTDS-903

  3. sdot

    You should post content to Patreon too, it will encourage subs.

    • botd

      True, good point.

  4. Ddd

    Number 5?

  5. horny

    who is that last pair?

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