Booty Poppin on a Treadmill

I think she should be a contender in the BOTD 2013 Best Big Booty of the Year Contest. Amirite?


7 Responses to Booty Poppin on a Treadmill

  1. Brian

    This chick definitely belongs in the running (or in this case walking….damn is she walking) for best big booty of any year.
    IMO Alexis Texas can take that title every year, ESP her walking poolside clip, butt this phat ass is incredible!

  2. Asluver

    The last loop– best loop EVER!

  3. yoyo

    agreed, shes got a nice big fat one. put her on the list, and she knows her shit.

    • botd

      True, she got skills.

      • AAron

        Agree as well! Savannah fox is Fuckin amazing!

  4. Boooty freak

    To the comment, … no! There are way too many nice asses for this one to contend, like the one before this one.

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