29 Responses to Girls with Glasses – Part 6

  1. Steve

    Amazing glasses!

  2. Paul

    Seems #4’s Instagram no longer exists.Pity,fucking luv that butt.

    • BSD

      Friends –

      #4 is an absolute fuckin’ doll. I don’t ever wanna see her in real life cuz I just don’t feel like giving her my paycheck. And Lord help me, I might. Keep her away from me to keep me from embarrassing myself.

      I like #1 a lot too, but I have my suspicions about that picture.


  3. NehOnBooty

    They all deserve it. But #1 selena the best for my taste. Booty, tits, tighs,.. and so short….

    • NehOnBooty

      agree. you have to.

  4. Fe

    #11 – Rafaela de Melo

  5. Bootyfreak

    They all need a good pounding, but that asian though, damn! All day

  6. Kees

    Oh my lawd, number 7 for me please. All day, all night, every day.


  7. masterken

    I just want to know who # 8, 10, 14

  8. #5

    Whos #13?

  9. Bootyman96

    They look like they could do all my homework and give me some extra credit.

    • Bootyman96

      For all of you who keep scratching your heads and keep raging with full blown boners in frustration, I can tell you who #14 is. That other redhead is Chaturbate’s own HarleyRose. And I don’t even have to research her because I’ve seen her so much on cam I can recognize her in that picture. Again #14 is HarleyRose from Chaturbate.

  10. E

    Glasses+Ass= The best combo in the world. BOTD, We NEED more of this.

  11. Dem East Coast Latinas!

    Steph Kagels’ body bad af (AND she’s a freak)!

  12. Rekka_Kien

    who’s #3?

  13. BSD

    Friends –

    #6 has recently changed her name from Jaye Rose to “BSD’s Main Squeeze”.

    #s 1,4,7,9, and 14 are in line and fighting over who will be BSD’s next bottom.

    Play on.


  14. Spiderm

    Need to know 1 and 4 plz

  15. sifu

    #9!!!! This site has introduced me to some bootyful women

  16. Money May

    Who is 14?

  17. Al Bundy

    Must have names for 1,7 and 10. Whoever supplies me with names gets a internet high five.

  18. KingJ

    #6 is Jaye Rose
    #7 is Thicksnoww
    #9 is Steph Kegels
    #15 is Jynx Maze

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