16 Responses to Phat Booty Anja Dee Vines

  1. Hornyxpeople

    Damn she bad as fuck

  2. captaincorrect

    why can’t my girlfriend have an ass like that?

  3. glencocoe

    glad im in toronto lol. pickup scene around here in incredible. Thicksnoww, anja, dead after dark…sexi barbi, diamond doll, seems they’re all here in toronto 😉

    and as a present, here’s anja’s stuff i collected thus far along with some deleted IG vids 😉

    pass: anonib

  4. Jg chef

    Are ppl seriously calling this chick ugly? Shes a 10 in my book!

    • iceman8069

      Word….it’s almost blasphemous!

  5. 843bigred

    to say you wouldnt smash her means you already got turned down by her

  6. Greg

    Nothing sexy about that what so ever!

    • botd

      I vehemently disagree.

      • iceman8069

        And I vehemently agree with you botd!

  7. Sticky1

    2 cribs, away ,and you haven’t smashed! You’re not worthy!

  8. iceman8069

    That’s a bad bitch right there!

    • KBeezy

      I live two houses down from here. She’s butt ugly without make-up.

      • iceman8069

        I would still fuck her brains out…all that ass,my dick don’t care what her face looks like with or without makeup bruh!

      • Bootyman96

        Funny how you say she looks “butt ugly without makeup on” and as I look at some of the old post of her on here and sure some of her pics aren’t that great but her body is amazing. Sure there are ugly girls with nice bodies, but they need some sex too lol say whatever I smash this chick too. If u want to smash her but hate her face then make her put on a mask, let’s see if she’s down with that.

      • Big D

        I’ll pay u 500 to let me come stay with u for a weeknd and Mack on this babe, I would wife her in an instant, your crazy not to

    • rall

      she have bad character and yes it’s true she is ugly without makeup

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