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  1. TIM

    Kousaka Riko is Beautiful and has a Body for days, Boy is she put together well,

  2. Lol

    find her in alluc
    TRGL-001 (but personally it isnt a great video)
    DKB-023 (the best one, one of my favorites videos)
    if some1 knows more about this girl (kousaka riko) POST IT!

  3. j

    I wouldn’t mind hearing that up……

  4. TheCoolDude

    Got to see a lot of the booty in this vid but sadly it was a let down for me, if your in to the extra stuff that’s up to you but I prefer them to get straight in to it, I’ve noticed sometimes when they find a big booty asian they don’t know what to do with it, hopefully she brings out more content soon.

  5. jWILL253

    We need an accessible aggregate tube site that hosts Japanese AV for free.

    The ones that exist are obscure, hard to find, and can be a bit convoluted at times.

  6. A2
    • botd

      It doesn’t work.

      Edit: Okay it works on some browsers.

      • j


        • s

          in chrome works

  7. Jason

    This is nice… but have u heard of ruka tensho? Her ASS is fucking AWESOME!!!!!

    • botd

      True her ass is big.

  8. Pawghunter

    Holy shit tha bang is insane 0.0
    luv the thicknesss

  9. notbotd


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