69 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 48

  1. Kees

    Dayum, #3 and #4 are amazing O_o

  2. Yabajaba

    #1: IG cierarogers

    On another note, I browse Youtube massage vids on a rare occasion because you sometimes come across stuff like this:


    I need that in my life.

  3. pawglover

    11 is thick af

  4. lolman

    Number 9 is Vanessa Blake.

  5. poohbia

    @botd ftw

  6. kyle_429

    The only one I know is #14. Aruba Jasmine, https://www.instagram.com/aruwba/

  7. athr

    1&4 are my faves. Who is 1? Soo hawt…

    • Louace

      CIara Rogers

      • Louace

        ***Ciara Rogers

  8. Semof

    You’ve outdone yourself again dude. Cheers and happy holidays!

  9. BootyLuv3r

    Dear Santa,

    I wish for #3, #4, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #14, & #15 to be delivered to my home by Christmas Day.

    P.S. Preferably ‘un-wrapped.’ xDDD

  10. Faze

    Number #10 is Selena Adams

  11. ConnoisseurOfBooty

    I usually dont do this, but can someone PLEASE identify that?!

  12. tha-dark-knight-rises
    • headsh0t79

      Booty Woman AKA Lucy from Hotfitcouple10 on Chaturbate, if anyone is wondering 😀

  13. Joey

    Anyone know who the last one is? I love that mirror booty!!!!!

  14. Joey

    I’d like to find out who #11 is as well if anyone knows I’d greatly appreciate the info!

  15. Pete

    Well shit, Merry Christmas to us !! Much appreciated brotha…..

  16. The Mayor

    Damn boss, one of the best ones yet!!! They ALL can get it by the power of greyskull!!!! I’d show them ” I have the power!!!”

    Happy holidays fellas!

  17. Chukou

    Is #12 Ayisha Diaz?

  18. mrfrantic
  19. _OoLover_

    #7 hardcore Muhaaaaaah! Any new front girl gal ?

    • joeshmo

      Lena the plug

  20. bigbootylover

    3,5,8 mmmmmm so nice… wish i knew who they are…Merry Xmas Botd

  21. What
  22. @420iqpodcast

    Best list ever. #9 for me please.✌

    • Asslover4u

      What is number 9’s name?

  23. mrfrantic
  24. President

    2, 16, 19, 21

  25. Anonymous

    Anyone know who this is?


  26. dc

    Marta LaCroft last video her ass looking better than before is she natural? https://www.imgdrive.net/images/big/2016/12/26/5860d62734db9.jpeg

    • The Mayor

      From those pics it seems to be natural. She’s pretty damn solid and she doesn’t have any obvious signs to make it seem fake. I’m going with a real stamp of approval here!

    • Anonymous

      She looks natural IMO. It’s just American and Japanese Porn cameramen with the over excessive use of extreme camera angles and fish eye lenses that might make her status seem questionable. It’s the Fapper’s Bait-and-Switch that no one ever calls “foul” on: see curvy/thick woman on the cover art. Play the file. All of a sudden it’s, “Damn! Her ass and hips vanished!”

  27. mrfrantic

    Guys can anyone find Kelly kurves mixed magazine video??

  28. ohmyohmy

    Anyone know who 12 and 18 are?

  29. mazin

    No. 6 – Anastasia Lux and #8 is all the thickness i need hmmmm

  30. Denzel4444
  31. name

    no #3?

  32. That guy

    Who is 3?

  33. Anonymous

    Who is number 10?

  34. amn2o

    3 is @egyptselinda

  35. dc
  36. rgz47

    For those who love Siri type bodies… slim with big natural tits and ass. Great googlee mooglee!


    • poohbia

      She have any nudes?

  37. VIP
    • Eli

      Her name is Destiny, She has a few vids with Bangbros!

  38. fanbootyday
  39. President
  40. Hulk

    Does anybody know who #15 is? Thanks in advance.

    • none of these

      ya… the busted druggy lookn girl who shouldnt be on this list!

  41. bootyologist by nature

    Daym , who’s the chick standing with lena the plug in pic 7 ?!!!

    • Anonymous

      Emily Rinaudo = https://www.instagram.com/emjayxo_/?hl=en Looks fine af but don’t get caught slippin on an 818 Gypsy (they ain’t actual gypsies but they’re artists at conning, robbing & getting fools rolled – hence the designation).

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