16 Responses to Shades of Ass

  1. Simon

    Just the middle one, thank you!

  2. Oh_the_pain

    So many passes? If you don’t like either of these three you’re definitely on the wrong site!

  3. Amer

    Hedonisim 2 Jamaica………the place to be

  4. Dajuan

    Praise BOTD! I gotta start from the LEFT and work my way over.

  5. scum666

    I’ll give these ladies a pass….no thanks

  6. DG


  7. Udder Appreciation

    dibs on middle.

  8. 843bigred

    we need all of these names asap, lol. i want all of them including the mystery woman.

  9. Suresh

    I go with the middle one first then the rest.

  10. KingJ

    Dibs on the girl on the left

  11. poohbia

    Hell yeah

  12. john

    definately the blonde!!!

  13. iceman8069

    Damn…I’d have a tough time deciding which one to poke first! I’d probably smash the middle one first then pound out the other 2 mercilessly, in no particular order…lol

  14. seanjohn100

    the white chick is https://instagram.com/allieverseau/. check her page, theres actually one more person in the pic

    • Yeah

      Should have added that fourth one! You can call this one the “Three Booty Musketeers!”

  15. Yeah

    50 Shades of ASS. Goddam!

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