48 Responses to Fine Friday Frontals – Part 10

  1. Jon Snow

    #8 anyone else here think that is Arya from GoT, when she is a lot older?

  2. Pin2

    #12 looks like Jaya Rose

  3. Awwwyeaaa

    1 and 11 id pleeeeaaasssseeee

  4. Kees

    Awwhh man, I would kill to have a nice night with #11, Karmabirdfly.
    She is so AMAZINGLY sexy, totally my type.
    Perfect tits, all the right curves, sexy head, I LOVE IT.

  5. ks4714

    #5… godDAMN!!!

    • Athr

      YYES. Such an amazing body, look at it – she’s so thin (not even my type) but then the womanly hips…unbelievably sexy!!

  6. yabajaba

    Idk if it matters to you but this blog seems to be copying your posts: http://www.amigabella.com/

    • botd

      Thanks yabajaba. Yeah that seems like it’s one of those blogs that uses a script to automatically pull posts from a site’s RSS feed. But I found a way to add a link back to here on a line that says “The post called whatever whatever appeared first on Booty of the Day” at the end of each post on the feed.

  7. Gobot90

    Datbitchnamedjuicy on instagram was in jail for a minute too…not sure if shes on botd anywhere, though she really shld be in the next bbw update.

    • botd

      Yeah I was gonna post her. I mean personally I’d smash. But sometimes I hesitate when it comes to posting BBWs, cause some people just don’t understand.

      I don’t know, maybe I’ll study her midsection again, make some adjustments if need be, and then post. I’ll give you a shout if I do. Thanks.

      • yabajaba

        BOTD, pretty sure you’ve posted this girl from Reddit before but looks like she had a newer account for sometime now. If i didnt know the source, Id probably assumed this shit was shopped but damn….


        • botd

          Yeah I like her. I just wish she zoomed out a little more. I find myself yelling at my monitor a lot nowadays telling people to please just zoom out, especially on some videos that get super close up.

        • botd

          And I like the way that site you posted lays out only a Reddit user’s submitted pics in a grid format like that so we can view them better, instead of the way they appear on Reddit.

  8. beardo

    Tiffany C > everyone else.

  9. eeequn


    • botd

      I thought this was spam at first, but it translates to the following, so probably not…

      “Continuously updated, continue to visit.”

      If I allow foreign languages, I’m gonna have to translate them first for you guys, even tho they’re the ones who should be translating before posting.

      • DG

        dont translate man, it’s cool to see different characters.
        i love how formal it sounds when asian languages get translated

        • botd

          Haha. Never thought about that, but true.

  10. Beans

    Got damn! The hips on #5 so damn mouth watering!!!

  11. DG

    is #14 summer? she’s cute as fuck

    • botd

      Not sure but I think she’s from Reddit.

  12. M-Dot

    3,5,11,12 are nice, Ryan Smiles pimped the porn game; similar to Carmen Kinsley and Sabella Monize (Duvy Inzunza). It sucks, because all of which looked mouthwatering.

    • KingJ

      They were Booty Goddess

  13. GSAgent89

    #8 maybe Tiffany Cappotelli ???
    OMG i love that girl!!!! :3

    • botd

      True, it’s Tiffany. And yeah, the rest of us love her too.

      • Diego

        Sorry, 7 Is Tiffany. 8? i don’t know.

        • botd

          It depends on which number you’re looking at.

          When I’m putting them together, I name the files like “pic-1, pic-2, pic-3” etc. But then when I upload them, sometimes I have to rearrange them to make it look nice.

          So yeah, the Tiffany pic is named “fine-friday-frontals-p10-7.jpg” … but if you’re counting from the top, or clicking the pic to view the gallery on desktop, it’s “image 8 of 15”

  14. weak_chris

    #13 Jessica Davies

  15. Desipimp

    #5 in tight ass jeans Alyssa Sorto?

  16. BSD

    Friends –

    “Aaaah, #3, Miss Ryan Smiles, please report to BSD’s cabin for your weekly smashing.*

    Thank you.”


    * – That is if you are not in jail this week.

    • Pete

      I kinda hate her simply for the fact that she had to go and mess up a good thing between her and us !! I miss her already


      • Zorken

        Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel… I’m so mad at her for going to jail.. since she entered the game, that big ass bitch was my favorite, the next queen of PAWGS… but nooooo she just had to fucking ruin everything by being a human traficker, ruining people’s lives and her own… I wanted so much to see more of that ass but now it’s all gone..

        • botd

          How do you think I feel. I mean I gave her the highly coveted BOTD Booty of the Year award after everybody voted for her. The most prestigious award ever that every porn star dreams of winning. And this is how she repays me.

          Nah but don’t ever trust what you read in an article. Sometimes the truth is the opposite of what they write. All you have to do is read a newspaper story about a subject that you’re an expert at or that you know a whole lot about, and you’ll be like damn they got every single thing wrong.

          I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she probably just tried to help out a couple of girls that were down on their luck, starving, and homeless, by giving them a job and a roof over their heads.

          • Zorken

            The BOTD Booty of the Year Award is a great honor. It’s something they could put on their resumé and increase their paycheck by a factor of ten!

            Well, fair enough on your last point… but still… damn.. the fact that that ass will no longer shoot scenes is a crime against humanity and should be judged by international war tribunals..

          • botd

            Haha. No doubt Zorken. I know you were just playing. Me too.

            I hope no feminists read our comments, cause they’ll be pretty pissed at us.

            But we’ll give them a good bang too, if they got booties.

          • botd

            Maybe those girls were happy until they got caught. Then they were like, nah it’s not our fault, they forced us to do it.

            Also what’s the difference between Ryan Smiles and those girls. A camera?

            Personally I have nothing against prostitutes. I love them. Except for the ones that don’t put enough effort into what they’re doing, or the ones that demand more money when you ask them to simply walk around the hotel room naked.

    • DG

      lmao dude jail jokes about smiles. when does she get out anyways?

      • botd

        I lost track but how does the story go? Did she get locked up, get out, try to rebrand herself as “Ryon Cherry” or something, and then get locked up again?

        I don’t know but I think bad girls are fun to hang out with. It’s always an adventure. My ex got locked up for two years. By the time she got out, she got thick as hell in the best way and her ass turned gigantic. I had to let her go tho when she lost all that thickness after just a few months on the outside. But it was fun.

        • blackfrost

          didn’t know she went to jail, yea i know i was probably under a rock but still, what’s the story?

          • botd

            This one’s from two years ago. Not sure why or if she got locked up again…


          • botd

            I think most of the problems from drugs and prostitution can be solved if they just legalize and regulate. I’m sure they eventually will. Hopefully I’ll have enough saved up by then for some weed and hookers.

  17. AreJay

    I’m vibing on 6,7,11, 12

    • AreJay

      names im mean, if they can be provided

  18. rekka_kien

    winners are 1, 9, 11, & 13.

  19. Yeah

    Awesome frontals man. (thumbs up)

  20. Komi

    Dammn !! So bad fridayy

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