25 Responses to Thick Asians in Two Pieces

  1. sauceseeker

    I would really like the name of 7, please?

  2. Booteeyyyy

    Name of number 6?

  3. Anon

    Number 6 please!!

  4. irontwig

    If anyone can find the name of #4 that’d be great. I know it’s Naho Hazuki, I just need the name of the film.

    • botd

      It’s Maguro 22

  5. The B Watcher

    Who Is number 2?
    Any link for the video

    • botd

      I answered that above, with a link.

  6. GizaMaas

    who’s #3 ?????

    • botd

      I think Haruka Sakurai.

  7. botd

    Here’s number 5…


    The other parts of this video are in the “Related Videos” underneath.

  8. Thy

    Any links for 1,2,4 or 7?

    • botd

      For number 1, do a search for “KOH 008 jav”

  9. Lelouth

    sources for 2, 5, 6 and 7, I know the rest is the awesome naho hazuki

  10. poohbia

    Naho is one of my fav thick asian

  11. Spungn

    Now please….DO NOT get me wrong. I LUV me a thick girl. And these are NOT bad looking girls at all. But, for some reason I need my Asian girls little. If imma have me a thick girl, she gotta be white, black, or Latina. Now with that said …I’d still fuk tha sheeeeyit out of all these broads!!!! Haha

    • Spungn

      I know the above is just one big contradiction, oh well.

      • botd

        Sounds fine to me.

  12. Bootyman96

    That’s insane!

  13. friday

    really really really need the links!

    • botd

      I don’t have all of them, but ask for one or two and I’ll see if I can find out at least the names of the vids.

  14. dannt

    My favorite combination! thick + asian!!!!!! great post, very rare to see big ass asian girls babes…

  15. Eriq

    Who’s #4?

  16. blackfrost

    Chinese it is for me tonight

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