285 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 49

  1. Piladoiro

    Name of the smaller girl in the first photo ? The one showing more of that great ass , please anyone ?

  2. Definition of beauty

    Definition of beauty

  3. julis jobe

    i got a friend who looks like number 5. Gonna beat off to her FB pics now!

  4. rion

    who is the top right girl sitting cross legged in the mirror on a white chair with a bra on?

  5. joe3000

    its been around a few years this . its still class in my eyes


    • Dante

      i believe the first is cherry barbie

      • Dante

        2nd is Ella Hughes

  6. anonymous

    Is this veronica bottoms?


  7. Anonymous
    • Jay

      Who is she?

      • Anonymous

        Her info here > Xʎʇʇᴉʞ‾ʞuᴉԀ/ɯoɔ˙sɯɐɔǝǝɹⅎʎɯ˙sǝʅᴉⅎoɹd//:sdʇʇɥ
        She’s known for going to community forums and image boards to complain about her content being linked.
        IMHO, ain’t worth the drama / headache.

    • HabitualSurfer


  8. Crab Man

    Can someone tell me who this gorgeous woman is


    • Mirza

      Katie Cummings

  9. CakeLuva
  10. lolman


  11. botd
    • MrSir

      What do you mean? She looks fine to me

      • poohbia

        Yeah she doesn’t look bad to me, I’ve seen worse

        She’s had alot of work done though

  12. Anonymous

    Good for a laugh.

    Then you realize she can’t lie to you or take half your shit in a divorce…..

    and she ain’t bad lookin.


    • talifavi

      Is there something wrong gettin’ hard to this?

    • 1_Love

      tbh, if i was done with women and had no social life, i wouldn’t see this as a bad investment for myself or anyone in the same situation. just being honest.

  13. Jethro Toll
    • 1_Love

      downloading asap

  14. GotBootyOnMyMind

    Anna AssCheeks In The Shower With Dildo!


  15. TheOnlyCoalition

    Heya guys here’s a few bangers. Also quick story, I managed to get a speeding ticket last year late August and the fine was 262 bucks. They gave me 6 months to pay it but I literally forgot all about it until Friday ): Now I have court Tuesday afternoon but I don’t get my direct deposit until Wednesday close to midnight! I’m 18 and have a job and work 5 days out of the week but I do not have 260 dollars right now. Basically just asking any of you to be caring and donate ANYTHING you could, I hope you understand I do work hard I just made a goofy mistake.. I made a paypal.me link literally an hour ago paypal.me/helponlyifyoucan Thanks and enjoy that heat below.


  16. Eli
  17. CakeLuva

    Dam that ass on the left have mercy….


    So many cakes sooooo much cheek and jiggle…


    • Chris

      You mean the right

      • HabitualSurfer

        Definitely the right COTDAYUM!

        • Chris

          Tried to find her IG, no luck yet..

  18. GSAgent89

    Name that girl on number 6 photo?????????????

  19. caride
    • bana

      Thenx you.

  20. Anonymous
    • GuideP

      I think its 3D animation :/

    • baojao


  21. dommmy
  22. caride


    there where to many great big and fat asses ….and the are not any more

    kimmy lee, victoria allure , mya g luscious lopez ….an nothing we do not have any more nothieng from theme

    • Anonymous

      Just curious about something. Are you a little kid or illiterate?
      Spellcheck exists. How do always do it wrong?

      • poohbia

        I’m guessing English isn’t the first language

        • caride

          ..trueeee 😛 …..what do you think that 7 bilion of the world should speak englis 😛 😛 😛

          • Anonymous

            @ Caride:

            Been around the world from vacations as a kid to jobs as an adult. The English language is on the curriculum of learning throughout Europe, Asia and beyond. When playing video games and communicating with other players online, they tend to speak better English than Americans (lol)!

            While most individuals will not be English Majors, fewer still manage to butcher the English language such as yourself. There’s no excuse to do so either with the existence of Google Translate and many other alternatives. You Sir, have proven to be lazy, illiterate and unwilling to change your status. Also you have the nerve to take the entitled stance of constantly demanding (in an arrogant manner) whatever girl catches your tiny attention span at the time – all the while with the grace of a mongoloid taking liberties with whoever is co-dependent enough to enable you.

            In parting, let it be known that someone as simple minded as yourself can in no way be involved in a lucrative career – your rationale and examples of your typing are evidence of this. In short, does your Mommy know that her little boy is on her computer saving naughty pictures?

  23. caride
  24. inputme

    Anna asscheeks new videos plz put them below ??

    • Zorken

      Marvelous body, just marvelous… but she just had to hide her beauty under all those tattoos, didn’t she? I mean, I don’t mind some little ink here and there, but was it too much to ask from her to not look like a zebra? Arrgh..

      • lolman

        Probably is just body painting.

        • Dante

          yeah looks like paint

        • Zorken

          well, I hope so.. would love to see more from her..

    • poohbia

      Anyone know where to find more?

      • poohbia

        Chick kinda looks like sabella

        • Dante

          thought it could be as well but doubt it comparing the two

  25. joe3000
    • poohbia

      Ha I posted the same link before seeing this

  26. Anonymous

    Girl #11 from photos at the top of this page.
    XXX Stream or download


  27. Chris
  28. GotBootyOnMyMind
  29. Anonymous

    Found with google image search.
    1. ɥɥɥnp‾ɯɐd
    2. Original content from r/chubby (no ID found+1 image only).

    3. From Saradas Forums (again, no ID).


    • Anonymous

      ^ Responding to “me” comment, 20-FEB-2018. Reply did not attach to correct comment(?) for some reason.

    • Bootybemykryptonite

      God bless your soul, good sir!

  30. Man-O-War
  31. caride
    • Zorken

      That’s Mandy Muse

    • Guest

      Her name is the video title (even though it’s been taken down).
      Serious or troll?

    • Ahab

      Thank you! ! 1 !

  32. PAWG freak
    • Anonymous


      I want their names.

      • Anonymous

        Found with google image search.
        1. ʎʎʎʎʎɹoʌᴉ

        2. zǝʞɐɔǝᴉʅʅoʅ & puʍɐpɥɐɹɐs

        3. sǝᴉʇʇᴉʇussɐɹƃ

        4. ‾ʌ‾ᴉʅǝɯ
        5. uǝɹnɐʅɐɔᴉɹǝǝɥʇ

        • botd

          All hot except number 2 in my opinion.

    • pfunk_us

      The 3rd one was on MFC as effymx.

      Here is a link to one of her video http://anon-v.com/videos/94923/effymx-bj-1-9e0152e59c7202d3/

  33. botd

    Don’t mind me, just thinking out loud. I just thought, why don’t I make posts for Patrons, and comments for the common folk. Meaning… new posts will only be visible to the special people that donate, but everybody else can still see and share links in the comments. That’s a good idea, but it’s a bad idea too.

    • Zorken

      Well, BOTD, I surely can’t speak for all the other patrons, but I became one for the sole purpose of keeping this site alive and seeing new posts on the blog where we can evaluate the hotness of the bitches posted here (like we did before) lol.. I really don’t care about having exclusive content… but that’s just me..

      • botd

        True, you’re one of the few. Much appreciated.

        I hate asking for money. I used to look down on cam girls that would be like “Hey boys, here’s my Amazon wishlist. Buy me stuff.” I guess I’m a hypocrite.

  34. botd

    From what I’ve learned about Patron, you’re supposed to offer something special only to the people that donated, but I don’t know what to offer.

    • Anonymous

      As you are fleshing out various approaches to promote this blog’s survival, I humbly suggest a continuation of business as usual – albeit with content names, titles and file sharing links available to patrons exclusively.
      Content visible as normal – with the incentive to find more of that particular material upon becoming a patron. Generate participation when people become enthusiastic over a particular model and wish for more media of her. Incentivize commenters that are willing to go that extra mile with a reward.

      TL:DR = Separate the fair-weather friends from the die-hards .

      • botd

        True it wouldn’t make sense to make posts private.

        I’ll probably make mostly gallery posts like this one.

  35. botd

    I made a comment earlier, but I quickly deleted it because I changed my mind. There’s a few reasons why it won’t work. One reason is because … all I have is folders of voluptuous milfs and thick Asians anyway. I’ll copy and paste the deleted comment below so you know what I’m talking about…

    I’m gonna give ONLY Patrons who donated… access to download some stuff (from me) … So if you’re a Patron, and you have the same taste as me, email me at bootyoftheday@gmail.com

    If you’re not one yet, you can become one here…. https://www.patreon.com/botd

  36. botd

    Thanks HS for the donation.

  37. botd

    An old school German milf with the good kind of fat.



    If you don’t agree I don’t care.

    • Zorken

      Holy hell, you nailed about the good type of fat, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now..

      This is the same type of fat that made Ryan Smiles so fucking amazing… it’s that type of jiggly baby fat layer that covers the whole body (but mostly thighs, ass and belly) of a slim-thick chick and that makes her whole skin shakes as she bounces on a cock.. it’s like watching paradise… and it’s so rare to find these days..

      • Anon

        Hi. I see your points and maybe this can help: It depends on where you are looking. If you are looking at models with a production budget behind them, it’s likely that there’s cosmetic surgeries involved.

        But if you look into amateur, home-made videos and modelling, you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for there.

  38. pfunk_us

    Damm who is this chic whe has serious sex appeal.


  39. Anonymous

    2018 Full Movie ( sǝss∀ ʅɐu∀ ƃᴉꓭ )

    Br4nd1 B43, D415y 570n3, K14r4 G01d, M4ndy Mus3, M45on

    Link will be gone soon

  40. GotBootyOnMyMind
  41. BOOTY brazil
  42. lolman
    • BootyBay

      Sochy Squirts

  43. Anonymous
    • BlackBrockSamson

      Absolutely Amber and Naughty Neshelle. No point in coding these names cuz their content is like 15 years old. Brings back memories

      • Anonymous


  44. pfunk_us

    Any one can ID this web cam girl, sounds like a myfreecam model from all the pings.


  45. 1_Love

    Could some PLEASE ID this woman for me????? PLEASE!!!!!!


    • caride

      yes she got perfect ass

    • 1_Love

      Love BigBottom 🙂

  46. 1_Love

    Just want to grab it and fuck the shit out of her so bad….


  47. 1_Love

    Fucking love the body on this woman….


  48. Ryan Braun
  49. 1_Love

    This woman is a LEGEND!!!! If you don’t remember her from way back then your past booty-searching experiences are in question…


  50. joe3000
    • caride

      mee too ….yes she have great ass lets see what is going to be with here

    • fire reaper

      me 3

    • Ahab

      Just putting this out there: been doing a lot of reverse image searches for years now. More often then not, the finest PAWGS (with the most dynamic hips-to-waist ratios, naturally) seem to be born and raised in either the Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan area or Washington/Portland.
      Hoping this helps any fellow serious “scientists” about.

    • Anonymous

      She looks amazing. Got more of her?

    • anonymous

      “URL signature expired” Got any more of her?

  51. Lazarus
  52. Eli


    anyone know who this lovely lady is??

  53. Zorken

    Latest 4ssP4r4d3 scene with 5p1cy J and K3ls1 M0nr03


    Where, as usual, 5p1cy J performs her stupid dick-dodging dialogue before abandoning her post yet remains autistically lingering naked from a distance…

    Some things just never change..

  54. caride
    • 1_Love

      would love to see here get fucked. She’s got create content out there.

  55. Chris

    Has anyone seen this before?
    She’s a bit old but that ass is fucking huge


  56. Jay
    • Snypre

      Leann Luscious. She used to be on Southern Charms.

      • poohbia

        By the time I found out about her she was already out of the game, she should come back

  57. joe3000

    i put this in a reply earlier but thought best put it up again incase anyone misses it


    • pfunk_us

      Summer is great but I like her early work when when she was thicker and chubby. She lost a lot of her sex appeal after she started to look like any other cam girl.

    • 1_love

      That’s the ever so sexy Mylie Moore. Fucking love her.

  58. Bosni

    Like if you nut every time – http://instantfap.com/post/504894

  59. Ryan Braun

    The Load that I would drop in this BBW pussy would be enough to fill a medium size shampoo bottle.
    I mean this is definitely for me… the ultimate/mecca of beauty in a woman’s body



    • Ryan Braun

      ok maybe not the mecca, but i favor faults

    • Big D

      Now this is a party boys

  60. BasedHam

    Taking a shot at these, most of the users got the majority of the names
    1.) Lena the Plug
    2.) https://www.reddit.com/user/mackers12/posts/
    3.) https://www.instagram.com/natcurvylicious/?hl=en: Credit to Pedro
    4.) $t3ph K3g3l$: Credit to BlackBrockSamson
    5.) https://www.instagram.com/nlhfit/?hl=en: Credit to 1_love
    6.) My best guess is amateur everything I searched leads to a few tumblrs with no source
    7.) https://www.instagram.com/zenasativa/?hl=en: Credit to 1_love
    8.) https://www.instagram.com/theonlyveebee/?hl=en: Credit to 1_love
    9.) https://www.instagram.com/sanchiworld/?hl=en: Credit to BlackBrockSamson
    10.) https://www.instagram.com/shoppingbagsara/?hl=en: Credit to da bro
    11.) https://www.instagram.com/s.adgalbri
    12.) I think this is @overxcome (she might have deleted her account not sure)

    Also, great to see you posting again BOTD

    • Dibz

      Number 9 is crazy.
      One cheek is thicker than waist!

    • pfunk_us

      Thanks for the post been following her on SC.

  61. poohbia

    @Dibz posted this in the other thread, posting here because its that good


    • Chris


    • Dibz

      I love her body.

  62. fire reaper


    her body. small tits massive ass has me intrigued

    • Chris

      Jesus F****** Christ!

  63. maro

    6 plz ???

  64. Jethro Toll

    The soundtrack is good too (radiohead in rainbows). The scene is continued in the suggested videos.

  65. BlackBrockSamson

    Asian thickness. Oh and its non pixelated lol


  66. botd
  67. 1_Love

    So glad this site is back up and running with post. 🙂

    New Valerie in-case you guys haven’t seen it…


  68. Erick

    How can I send a pic ?

  69. 1_love
    • HabitualSurfer

      She reminds me of an older Mal.

  70. Big D

    Really curious on 6, she is very thick, busting out everywhere, like a muffin fresh out of the oven

  71. Blue Balls

    If you have an IG account, please tell this woman that her “before” is sooo much better then her “after.” If she continues on this course, she’ll be completely blending into the crowd by next season.


  72. Trevasotilo

    My faith is restored botd

  73. caride
  74. Anonymous

    7 looks like Divinity Carter

  75. Gravy

    #2 name please?

  76. Willzy

    Does anybody knows where this from and the name of the girl?

    • No one

      Ava rose maybe?

      • KingJay

        Yep Ava Rose from Big Wet Asses

    • Simooo

      100% Ava

      • Willzy

        I would love to watch this scene but idk the name of it. Thanks though, perfect ass.

  77. boobhead

    #11 sexy as hell

  78. da bro

    10 is shoppingbagsara

    • Zorken

      Wow, nice! The big tit blonde is Codi Vore, amiright?

      Do you know the source from this masterpiece, Sir BOTD?

      • botd

        I don’t know, but from left to right it’s Tegan Trex, Summer Hart, yeah I think Codi Vore, and the little boy on the right I don’t know.

        • Zorken

          Ok, thanks for the reply!

          AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAHAHA lol “little boy on the right” yeah don’t even bother to find his name cause I don’t care about him either..

        • Twinn

          How can i post on here?
          I see where I can reply but where do I post?
          Thnx too anyone!

          • botd

            You can’t upload content. But you can post a link to something right here in the comments. If the content is only in your device and not online anywhere, you can upload it to imgur.com and then grab the link and post it here.

    • joe3000
  79. Johnson

    I hate to be a saucefag, but been looking far and wide for this one and just cant find a thing.

    Anybody could share some knowledge?

  80. 1_love
    • Zorken

      Damn Vanessa is so hot… it’s a shame she stopped working..

      Wooowww so did BOTD ressurrected? Thanks for this post, my man!

  81. 1_love
  82. Suresh

    The 6th one is an amateur I guess. But looks superb.

  83. 1_love

    Feels so good to come in and see a new post of amazing asses. We’re back

  84. poohbia

    This is the first real post in probably a year, nice

  85. BlackBrockSamson

    4 is $t3ph K3g3l$ with her legendary ass smh.
    9 is @ $anch1world on IG

    And omg did the owner of this site actually make another post just now?? Am I dreaming?? Do we need to start a gofundme??
    Lol ok I’m done. Much love BOTD

  86. Victor

    Number 12 name????

  87. Mirza

    it’s been too long man. glad you’re still sharing the goods.

  88. anonymous
  89. Pedro

    Number 3 is from my town: @natcurvylicious

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