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  1. hothornyass66

    I Love it!! Beautiful!!

  2. Monzaweigh

    Her name is Lexi Lloyd and she is a goddess.

  3. hothornyass66

    I Love it!!

  4. hothornyass66

    She is a Beautiful women!

  5. TIM

    I love the way she works them panties it’s so damn sexy, For she is one sexy voluptuous woman!!!

  6. Chris

    Except for the tramp stamp, she is awesome.

  7. Sasao

    Sup. First time post, Long time fan. Off the rip, praise to the OG Booty Curator – BOTD

    Came across this pic…


    I read the caption. Some story about being offended. But she alludes to dat ass being au naturale…

    Am i missing something? or is she really built like that?

  8. DrPorn

    A beautiful, natural woman !!!!! i want her bouncing on my cock.

    Look like this ass:


    • poohbia

      Hope I’m wrong, but I think that’s the only scene she did

  9. CakeLuva

    Yall watch…. “Love and HIP Hop Miami”?

    Amara La Negra booty massage


    • CakeLuva

      Oh shit almost forgot her… @elleaussietwerk

      • HabitualSurfer

        All gushy in the glutes. I love it.

  10. CakeLuva

    I was gonna post one of her vidz but gottdamm she got too many…


  11. Chris

    This was posted earlier in an other thread:


    Check out the girl on the right. Would it be possible to find some more information on her. That body is fucking insane! 🙂

    • CakeLuva

      Yea I originally posted it… Didn’t bother posting her IG cause it’s nothing special @miss_danielle_young

    • Trevasotilo

      she is pretty popular nowadays, there was a bangros scene she done recently, other are on manyvids

    • HabitualSurfer


  12. caride
    • pfunk_us

      Fabiane Thompsom

    • Tiago

      Name is Raica, brazilian porn!

  13. 1_Love



    Not sure why i’m just now finding myself attracted to her but my fucking gawd this womans body is amazing.

  14. 1_love


    Love a woman that knows how to ride a dick.

  15. GotBootyOnMyMind
  16. Natedrake
    • Natedrake

      Who is she?

    • 1_Love

      Looks like Amber Nova

  17. 1_Love

    some PLEASE tell me who this is….


    • king james

      I can give you more details if you mail me, I have contact with her but she doesnt want her name too much on the internet


      • 1_Love

        I emailed you

  18. 1_love
  19. Dibz
    • lolman


    • CakeLuva

      I am not easily impressed… But I must say well fawkin done!!

  20. Zombie
    • Dibz

      She’s perfect

  21. Illphil

    Would love to be sitting on that couch!

  22. just a guy

    she looks very hot

  23. nymm

    Some one know who is she ?

    • Mr.Handy

      Whoever she is, she sure has an amazing jiggleness to her thicc booty

    • Eli

      $ur3 C@k3z

    • 1_love

      ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME she did this.

      • Anon

        Am I missing something? I didn’t see anything, no pussy to be seen, she just pulls down her thong and covers her pussy with her hand.

        • Zorken

          Yeah. she’s hot but that’s all I saw too.. these misleading titles..

        • Anonymous

          It’s Cosmid. For the most part, it’s been strictly modeling content from them for years. I believe some of the girls do solo masturbation scenes but not much beyond that.
          In OP’s defense, most of their models are the usual mainstream thin and occasionally busty types. So a model comin outta there with this type of physique is noteworthy for any true appreciators of shapely women.

    • FroztyTip
  24. Suresh

    She looks good n thick.

  25. Good


  26. Andrew

    Nice long time no post.

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