Work it Twerk It Girl – Part 1


Can’t give out the source just yet cause I wanted to do a whole set first. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. If anybody knows it, shhh don’t say anything.

Shout to Jason J for the link.

14 Responses to Work it Twerk It Girl – Part 1

  1. Ty M.

    my bad botd I jus read the caption under the photo

    • botd

      That’s okay bro.

  2. Ty M.

    Her instagram says its shotzymonroe69…. I dont have instagram I haven’t checked it out so let knw if its legit… she has a beautiful jiggle gelatin ass I must say!

  3. Ty M.

    I seen this video on worldstar last week sometime… if im not mistaken it shows her entire face its like a three min clip

  4. Wfds

    I know where to find this…

  5. blackfrost

    i love surprises. can’t wait. even thou i know where this came from (the joys of having a harddrive of 2tb of pics and videos), i still love the wait.

    • DR. E

      Probably shouldn’t say things like that on the net lol

  6. 1HitWonder

    C’mon man… Why you gotta do us like that? The anticipation is killing us all! We cant wait a day, we want to fap NOWWW! >:(

    This is too big of a tease for most of us to handle.

  7. MobyDick

    Jason J!!!!! now please tell us the name 🙂

    • n

      kendra lust

  8. Clent Eastwood

    The girl is quite obviously Will Smith.

  9. ryan

    cant be that hard to figure out no? lol

    • botd

      I’m sure some people will figure it out. But if some other people don’t even know how to search an image to find the source, I doubt they’ll find this video.

      No disrespect guys, no doubt you’re smarter in a whole lot of other ways that I’m not. I’m an expert perv tho, so I know this shit. It’s not something I should be proud of.*hangs head in shame*

      • drisvisic

        context clues may be helpful. :3

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