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  1. Jason

    hey mr botd man…. do you know if she has a twitter?

  2. DarkNite

    Yeah. I saw closeups of her face and with the eyebrows and all that mascara, I was like “YIKES!”

    With that said, I would still smash that. Smash it like I was the Hulk.

  3. t.c.

    Honestly, it’s pretty unlikely any guy on here is ever even going to meet someone you post on here…so please! Doesn’t matter if it’s fake as long as it looks good… And this looks great!

  4. Nick

    I think her body is amazing synthetic or not, I hate her hair and her Monroe style. If she had black/brown hair she would look bomb. The blonde thing throws it all off for me.

  5. Sticky1

    Ok. Let’s keep this 100%. From the viewing several displays submitted in comments. Natural or enhanced. If this chic was at my crib shaking that plump pseudo ass like she can. Mane! I’m giving her some my USDA certified grade A dick. Boy, some of you kats are acting like former NFL player “Michael Sam!” He did that. o_o

  6. Random Fapper

    You wanna talk about too plastic looking then look up Amy Anderson. That bitch is horrendous!


    @bootyoftheday you know your love of ass will look passed that plastic and want to hit anyway.

  8. Electriwizard

    I don’t think I have tried women with “enhanced” curves. And I mean tits, ass,hips or lips. I probably wouldn’t care, at the time. If I put myself in the demanding mode; I wouldn’t have had my fair share of BOOTY!!! C’mon guys who cares? None of us have had a chance to tap that ass. And I bet 80% of us are not attractive to her. Unless we’re rich, and have had a penile enhacement. I would give her a chance to prove herself.

  9. This guy!

    Comment what you wish about me, but Leider can jump a phukin bridge. Give me a natty with a phatty. You damn skippy I said that! Ehhhh….plastic ass….wow.

  10. DG

    you crossed the line BOTD, are you calling us gays?????????

  11. John

    Simply put….
    Yup, I’d hit.
    Can she shake it with some dick in her azz???

  12. Spungn

    I agree wid EVERYONE here! She looks WAAAY too plastic, too fake!! Having said all that….I would still FUK the living shit outta dis broad without even thinking twice!! Fake, natural – what do I care!! The pussy’s real!!!

  13. Caesar
  14. yeah

    nonetheless tho, thanks for the upload. Now I know that she did this: http://www.enjoygram.com/m/825674070447221840_602219218 and this

  15. yeah

    all silicone and shit man. Why can’t all these beauties be a little more natural or something? She’s looking like that one picture of elnaz1985/lexybaddie where she was too dam anorexic!

  16. armchairgangsta

    She doesn’t look right… ass is outta control but that’s fine.. her damn eyebrows look like she’s saying “hm?” Like she just asked you a question..

  17. Rookie

    I think I found a picture of her before all the plumping up, looks hawt but very skinny.


    here’s the link, I can’t tell for sure if it really is her but if it is then HAWT DAAAMMN.

  18. poohbia

    I don’t think any part of her body is real, literally everything looks fake

  19. illphil

    She needs to take them cloths of then shake it for us

  20. 843bigred

    I’ll put every damn inch I got in that from the back… hell front and side

    • Traxx

      What dude said. DEFINITELY!

      I mean I get that yes, as a person, that excess of ‘plastic’ is probably not good mentally as well as eventually physically…

      but gotdammit Traxx Smash!

    • yeah

      Yo, BOTD, you gotta check out CBQuality man…people are sleeping over this girl! Plus this would have made an AWESOME halloween post if u did it on that day:

      • yeah

        One more thing, add her to the big booty lists as well! layta~

      • botd

        Thanks. Yeah I posted her before over here…


        Too tight for my tastes, but yeah I got her on the line up to put on the list.

        Edit: Just checked, she’s on the list already.

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