10 Responses to Grab ’em by the Booty

  1. Zeet

    Trevor Noah had a brilliant piece on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiPjWUn-PUo

  2. botd

    In case nobody got it, the title is a play on Donald Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy.” Get it? Haha, heehee, hoho.

    Anyway that’s my new line. Yo I just grab them by the pussy booty. That and of course, “Hey baby, wanna go out furniture shopping?”

    • Juan

      Don’t get the furniture line. Where that from? Anyways. It’s the pussy cat that went straight to the booty!

  3. Juan

    Went straight for the meatiest part

  4. poohbia

    I’d be doing the same thing, that tiger knows what time it is

  5. Double_D

    Yeah, I wouldn’t let it go either.

  6. Bootylove

    Saw this shit going viral on reddit.

    Can’t blame the tiger though.

  7. Joetuss

    Yovanna Ventura


    That tiger knows what’s up!

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