11 Responses to Bomba Booty and Boobs

  1. Trey


  2. blackman


    i think this is her. rubbed one out to her a couple times

  3. bangbang

    Nah, people hate her because she lies about her age, stuffed her bra for the longest time to make her boobs look big THEN she decided not to stuff them anymore and said she had break cancer (lie) then got implants. I live close to her and had added her on facebook from a friend of a friend.

    but damn i would destroy her ass

  4. S

    I’m not a hater of hers, far from it but she is dull as fuck when she’s on cam (on MFC at least).

  5. B

    Who cares about haters most ppl would still hit that.

  6. poohbia

    I dont care about no cam girls personality, im not wifing her.. I just wanna see the goods

  7. Bootyman96
  8. blackfrost

    who needs a personality when you have a phat ass lol

  9. Bootyman96

    NO FUCKING WAY!!! You got. Big_Booty1 on here?! Damn man! One of the best and highly underrated Cam girls on. MFC. It’s kinda hard to find her full length cam shows. OMG Thank You BOTD!

    • Bootyman96

      Also Idc about her haters I care about her fucking show lol. That ass gets tokens on MFC lol.

    • botd

      Haha. No problem. Yeah I had her on the old Tumblr site, but I had to put her up here too since her assets improved.

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